Puppies, Litters and Available

Puppies, Litters and Available

The Boys 3 weeks 216



We are currently planning a breeding for Fall/Winter of 2018. This litter is expected to be all Black/White puppies with Brindle Points.

We are also putting together our breeding plans for 2019.

If you would like to be placed on our waiting list for a future litter, please fill out the contact form on this page.

Check back for more info as the time approaches. Please contact us if you would like to be considered as a potential home for one of our puppies.

We currently have no puppy or adult Cardigans available or looking for homes.

Gable Tipsy Litter Bath

An 8 week old litter of Grandiose Cardigan puppies

Lexi w Green soft tones

If you are interested in being considered for one of our puppies, being placed on our waiting list, etc, please fill out the contact form below. Please note that we will ask you to fill out our puppy application form upon receipt. It is how we start the screening process and is the first step to being placed on our puppy waiting list. Please ensure your contact email address is correct so we can contact you. If you havent heard from us within a week, please contact us again as we may not have received your contact form. We strive to keep the website up to date in terms of breeding plans, litter announcements, and puppy availability, so please see above in terms of what we have going on and if we have puppies available now or not. If you are looking for a puppy in a different time frame than when we may have them available, or are unable to wait for our next breeding, we can help to refer you to other responsible breeders.

We breed Cardigan Welsh Corgis, not Pembroke Welsh Corgis.

Cardigans are the Corgi that comes in multiple fancy colors and has the tail. While Pembrokes are great dogs in their own ways, we have chosen to specialize in Cardigans and am not much help when it comes to looking for Pembrokes. The breeds are separate and distinct, not interchangeable and not bred together. There are a number of differences that make them unique from each other, and we will gladly talk to you to help you decide which breed may be more appropriate for your situation. If you found yourself here looking for a Pembroke, we can refer you to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America breeder referral page: http://pwcca.org/about-the-pwcca/membership-directory/

A Note About Color.

We try to list what colors a litter may produce in the plans section above once we have confirmed our plans for that litter, and especially once that litter has arrived and we know what colors we have available. While it is fine to have a color preference, please let us know if color will be a deal breaker for you or not in your application. Please also note that we are not presently breeding blue merle Cardigans and have no plans to produce a litter that will contain blue merle puppies in the next few years.  Presently, all our planned breedings for the next few years will be blacks (with brindle points, and a potential for tan points) and brindles, with a small chance we may have the occasional red/sable.

***We leave dew claws intact on our puppies.


Ziggy and Marvel

Baby Cardigans


We currently have no adult Cardigans or Pointers available.


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