Puppies, week 1

Let me tell you, there is little that is cuter than a puppy. And Cardi puppies are probably near the top of the “cutest puppies EVER” list….and if they are this cute now, lord help me when they are a few weeks older!!

They should be color coded, and as they get bigger, I am working hard to try to keep someone from taking their collars off of them! Much easier to tell who is who in photos when they are wearing their collars!!

Mr Blue 050 Mr Green 052 Mr Orange and Mr Blue 042 Puppies 020 Snuggle puppies 010 Snuggle Puppies 032 Mr Green 010 Mr Purple 014 Eating Belly Up Mr Blue Mr Green Mr Green (2) Snuggle Babies Mr Orange 239 Mr Green 240 Mr Green 002 Fat Babies 079 Mr Blue 041

Mr BlueMr Blue 056

Mr BlueMr Green 183

Mr GreenMr Green 212

Mr GreenMr Green and Mr Purple 020 Mr Orange 017 Mr Orange 071

Mr OrangeMr Orange 098

Mr OrangeMr Purple 132

Mr PurpleMr Purple 149

Mr PurpleSnuggle Babies

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