The paths life takes us on….

It’s been a long year. And it’s not over yet.

Earlier this summer, we were informed that our final move had to be completed within one year of Brian’s retirement date (January). After lots and lots of discussion and debates and trying to figure out what was right and best….we decided to move back home to Alaska.
Driving to AK can be quite the feat to start with, but doing it in the winter is not my idea of fun, so we planned the trip for late fall. That gave us enough time to finish the remodel on our house in Colorado and put it on the market (and, thankfully, it sold after only 20 days on the MLS!) and get things in order.
So in late September, the house was packed up and our life shipped off, and we loaded up the dogs and headed north. We stopped for a few days for the Cardigan Specialty and shows in WA, and from there drove up to Alaska. 3600+ miles, and we are now back home in AK.
Our plan is to build a new home here, in the Spring. In the mean time, we are staying at Brians family cabin, by a lake, with plenty of room for silly Pointers and goofball Cardigans to run and be ridiculous. (And yes, we have electricity, Internet, and indoor bathroom facilities! Lol)


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