Dog Tip of the Week…

Lets see how long I can keep this up 😉 Lots of little ideas and tidbits and gadgets that make life with dogs (or dog showing! or dog events) just a little easier. Going to try to share them here weekly until I run out of ideas.

This week, I shared something on facebook and figured I would share it here as well so more people can benefit from it.

Coconut oil.

There are a ton of benefits to adding coconut oil to not only your own diet, but the dogs diet as well. Its just a PAIN to use! Its often in a solid state in the jar – how do you measure it? Much less feed it to the dogs?

Mini silicone ice cube trays to the rescue!

silicone ice cube trays

These come in all sorts of shapes from balls to hearts to stars and all sorts of things. You want the mini ones, and ideally, the type that are individually compartmentalized such as the heart ones shown above. Also, you want the MINI silicone ice cube trays. I suppose standard size would work, but will take longer and you will have a much larger chunk of oil instead of the tiny cubes. You can get them in many places – we got ours from amazon.


So the idea is that you take your coconut oil and melt it over low heat. I’m impatient, so as it melts, I spoon it into the silicone molds and use a rubber spatula to make sure everything is level and filled (as a side note, I place these on a cookie sheet that has been covered in paper towels because I didnt want to have to worry about overflow or making a mess. The cookie sheet allows for level solidifying and is easy to take in and out of the fridge) Once they are full, place them in the fridge. I didnt time them, just left them there for awhile until I was ready to mess with them again, which was after we watched a movie, so about two hours later.

Pop them out. Put them in a baggie.

coconut oil

I keep some in the fridge in the house for our use in cooking and other randomness. I keep most of them in the dogs freezer, and pull them out and toss them in their food.

coconut oil in kibble

Arent they cute? These are the perfect size, according to our dogs, for treats as well as to be enjoyed as part of their meal.

Hope this may help those of you looking for a more manageable way to incorporate coconut oil into your dogs diet. Its sure helped us!

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