One point at a time…

We will get there.

At the beginning of the month, we went to our local shows. This one is odd, since there is a Herding Group Specialty on Friday, and an all breed on Sunday. So we went sheep herding on Saturday. But I digress….

I had Gable and Gizmo entered, Gizmo is looking for points to finish her Championship, and Gable is coming out for 2016 to finish his Grand Championship.

No points available in the classes on Friday. Gizmo was WB/BOS, but earned no points. Gable was BOB, and earned 2 Grand Champion points.

Sunday, there was a single point available in class dogs, and Gizmo was WB/BOW/BOS to pick up a point by crossing over. Gable was again BOB, and earned a Grand Champion major (his second of three required for the GCh title)

62911822-20151108-_D704235 (2)

^^Gable showing in the group on Sunday

No more shows for us until January, sadly.

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