GCh Grandiose Only Wicked After Midnight, RN PT RATN BCAT CGC TKN

Gizmo Snow

Gizmo is our keeper puppy from our 2014 Rush x Widget litter. She is a conformation Grand Champion in AKC.  She has also completed her PT title and has one leg of her Started Sheep title in both AKC and ASCA herding.  Gizmo started barn hunt in early 2016 and so far has earned her RATI title (Instinct) and her RATN (Novice) and has a leg towards her RATO (Open) title, as well as a High In Trial – Novice from her very first time in the ring at a trial! Along the way she also completed her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Novice Trick Dog titles. Gizmo tried her paw at lure coursing and despite it not being her favorite thing, managed to earn enough points to complete her BCAT title in FastCATS.

Gizmo had three litters for us here at Grandiose. Her first, sired by GCH Allegro Starcatcher, gave us two beautiful boys – Marvel and Quill. Marvel is here at Grandiose growing up. Her second, sired by GCH XIV Karat Playing It Cool at Aubrey, gave us three boys and one girl – Logan, Thorin, Maxwell, and Olive. Logan is here at Grandiose following in his momma Gizmos footsteps and being every bit as mischievous as she is! Her third and final was by our Vlad (GCH Wind of Grand Zold Zolberg) and is growing up lovely as well. See Gizmos offspring here.

Gizmo (26)



OFA Eyes: Normal (May 2016)

BAER (hearing): Normal (2016)

DM: Carrier

PRA: Line Clear

Fluff: Clear

Pink: EE (Clear)


Gizmo, 7 weeks

Gizmo River Shoot (2)
Gizmo Wicked (2)
Gizmo 6 months (9)
Gizmo 6 months (10) copy

(^^ 6 months)

Gizmo 11 months (15)
Gizmo 11 months (18)
Gizmo 11 months (21)

^^ 11 months


Barn Hunting @ 15 months ^^


^^  BOW for 2 points to single out (just needs major to finish) at 17 months

Gizmo CWCCA 2016 FR1_0225
Gizmo CWCCA 2016 FR1_0269

Above two photos from 2016 CWCCA National (19 months)


^^ Gizmo completing her PT in September 2016

Gizmo July 2018
Gizmo – July 2018

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