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A Ratting We Shall Go….

We started Barn Hunt this year. Its silly, its fun, its addicting. Your dog hunts through bales of straw to find rats hidden in tubes. The Cardis LOVE IT.

Gizmo has been the first to explore it with us. Shes been to a handful of classes since January, and went to her first trial recently. She passed her Instinct test to earn her RATI title, and earned two legs of her Novice title, as well as a High In Trial – Novice!! One more leg and she will complete her RATN title. I think we are thoroughly addicted 😉






We instinct tested Gable a few weeks ago and he will start going to classes with us as well here in the next few weeks….If you can, find a local group and do some instinct tests, it really is a FUN sport!!

Herding We Will Go….

This spring has been an adventure – we starting taking herding classes with Gable and Gizmo. Gable herds sheep, while Gizmo much prefers the ducks!

11162078_875014249231743_1163377445392359852_n 11201163_877040415695793_3747522966275584279_n Gable herding

Our goal is for both of them to earn their Herding Tested titles this summer/fall….trying not to aspire any higher than that for the moment – herding is a workout both mentally and physically!

Spirit O’The Irish

Gizmo has been channeling her inner Leprechaun…


2014 Cardigan Welsh Corgi Litter

I’ve fallen behind in keeping this up to date – facebook has sort of taken over! (and you can follow us there!

Our 2014 Cardigan Litter was out of our Widget – Ch Samhains Witchcraft at Grandiose – and sired by Rush – BISS GCh Regent Midnight Rush, RN NJP NAP ROMb – and produced 3 puppies.



1 Blue Merle Female

1 Black Female

1 Black Male


We are proud of how these puppies are growing up – Gizmo (the black female) is who we kept here at Grandiose and more information can be found on her own page.