The new kid….

Since I’ve been so lazy on my blogging…

Our new kid at the house is “Domino”…he is our long awaited Cardigan Welsh Corgi, and has been registered as Samhain Sticks and Stones. (To make his name very clever – we were trying to come up with a call name to match the registered name – we kept coming around to “bones” or something like that, but knowing my household, the poor puppy would end up being called “boner”, and I just couldnt have that. But we couldnt get the “Sticks and Stones may break my bones…” saying out of our heads…and then Brian said “Well, what about Domino – the slang name for Dominos is Bones…so we could just call him Domino.” And so Domino it was!)

There are photos of him on my website. I honestly cant wait for this little guy to turn 6 months, he is just gorgeous! His “debut”, of sorts, will be in the 4-6 month puppy exhibition at the Canfield, OH cluster next weekend…I’m quite excited to let the little man strut his stuff! He got his beautiful new show lead in the mail yesterday (Thank you Sally Barton of Coralwood Pointers!) and is ready to go!

Hopefully we will have great things to report over the next few months…

there have been a number of changes at Grandiose lately 😉

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