Sometimes change is good, sometimes change is for the better. Sometimes change takes awhile to get over, and sometimes change makes you sit up and take stock in whats really important to you and what really makes you happy.

For me, my dogs make me happy. My job made me angry, depressed, frustrated, worn down. I think the only thing that got me through most weeks was knowing I got to spend the weekend with my dogs. So when I got notified I was being laid off, at first, I was crushed…and a few minutes later, I realized that this was the best thing that has happened to me in some time.
The economy here sucks. The job market sucks. BAD. So, while I’m looking for a new job, I also get to spend my days at home with my dogs. I’ve finished a few projects, started some new ones, and focused on ME for a change instead of trying to make everything else work.

And I made a decision – since I’m not working anyway, now is a fantastic time to start working on my handling career again. I LOVE handling dogs in the show ring. Very little makes me as happy as showing dogs does. Being fat and out of shape makes me unhappy in the show ring – so I’m working on that, and getting better by the day. I’ve altered my lifestyle, and am striving to become an overall healthier person. And that makes me happy.
So back to the show dogs. I took stock of what was in my house. I talked to one of my favorite Pointer breeders, asked her for opinions and ideas…and we came up with a plan. And then another plan. And then the plan changed. And then another plan. And then it changed again, and now we have a whole new plan. And I love her for it. Because without the support of other breeders, you can honestly go nowhere in the breed. No one does anything alone. No one should have to do anything alone in this breed. I think I have gotten myself involved with a great network of people who can laugh and joke and have a great time, but be serious and supportive and loving to each other when it is needed. And THAT is exactly what I needed to find in this breed, and I’m so glad I found it. Stay tuned for more details of our plan. I’m not at liberty to discuss yet. Its exciting. VERY exciting!

And another big change – since I decided to focus on my handling career – and I dont have anything in the house right now worthy of being campained as a Special – I put my feelers out. Talked to some Pointer people (and came up with nothing) and talked to some Corgi people. Now, for those that know me, know that I started in Pembrokes. I’ve had GREAT success with Corgis. Brian will tell you that I can handle a Corgi better than any other breed…and its probably true. We shall see. When I sent out the message, I got a response that said “OMG, this is PERFECT for our boy!” And today, I drove to the Denver Airport and picked up my new Special for the fall circuits…a beautiful Cardigan boy named “Dash” (Ch Coedwig Cracker Jack). He is awesome, walked out of his crate wagging his tail, stretched his legs and started bouncing around like he owned the cargo parking lot. He lounged in the big dog crates on the ride home, took a trip with Domino and I to the local Farmers Market and never missed a beat. Happy, outgoing, social, handsome boy. He will be roadtripping with us next week, and his show ring debut with me will be at Greeley. We have a busy fall show season, and I’m so excited to have such a nice boy to take along for the ride….(thank you so much Kim and Mark!!)

So, next week we are off to Canfield, OH for the Pointer Specialty, and Bull Terrier Supported entries. Hopefully we will come home with some great news and have more updates for you….

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