Counting Down…

To insanity. A crazy busy fall show schedule, a couple of visitors, a week with my Parents, and hopefully an exciting announcement later this winter.

I’m not sure I’m ready, but I’m excited. The next two days will be spent getting the house spotless – as my present to myself. I deep cleaned the house before I left for Pointer Nationals in May, and after a long few days on the road, it made me so grateful to walk into a clean house when I returned!!

I presently have a sleepy Cardigan puppy on my lap who is telling me that it is bedtime, and he would like to go to sleep on his pillows (did I mention that Domino sleeps on the pillows on the bed, never on the mattress? He fancies himself a king of some sort.) so we are off to bed…busy day tomorrow, and the next day…and then Wednesday will stretch on forever!

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