Arapahoe Kennel Club

Can’t say enough how strange it is to only have ONE dog entered at a show. Even stranger yet to have LATE ring times with that one dog!!
This was my last weekend showing Dash. Oh Dash, we will miss you!!! On Saturday, he won the Breed, and we took a fun trip around the group ring (but walked…) and on Sunday, after going in the ring an hour later than we should have…he went Select. Oh Dasher. He showed so well for me on Sunday…was happy on the table and moved out well. I’m still proud of the little man.
I brought Domino along for the ride on Sunday, ended up getting him his Rabies shot while we were there at the health clinic. He said “OW! My butt hurts! They killed me!!” but French fries quickly made it all betta!!
I’m off to get crates and bedding and paperwork together for two kids who are leaving us tomorrow…more on that later.

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