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Soleil BPIS

Soleil (from our 2015 Pointer litter – Locke x Puzzle) was awarded Best In Show Puppy (4-6 month) in November. Such a pretty girl, we are excited for her future with co-owner June Dennis in California!

Dog (show) tip of the week…

I always hate cords. They are obnoxious and always tangled and in the way and catching on things or caught in lids you are trying to close.

I was pretty happy with how things changed when I added these to my equipment…


Cable Cuffs. They have all sorts of these things in varying sizes and they have velcro style cord holders, pretty much anything you can imagine. They are inexpensive and can be found at any hardware or department store in one form or another.

I like these in particular because they are brightly colored and hard, so they are less likely to get lost or chewed/eaten by a dog.

I really like these because they keep my cords out of the way. I’m no longer closing cords in lids, they arent wrapped up around things, tied in knots, or hanging out everywhere. It makes packing up the dog equipment a breeze, and everything is that much tidier.

A fun surprise…

I checked the Canine Chronicle statistics last night. Mostly because I was curious to see how certain dogs were ranked (like Nash, our Gables sire, who is #3 in breed points and #7 in all breed points in only two shows) and was pleasantly shocked to find our little Flutter is ranked #19 through the end of March in all breed points! Go Flutter! Woohoo.

Gable Win Photo from AHGC

Gable BOW BOS Major May 2014Gable (Allegro Grandiose Frankly My Dear) shown winning Winners Dog/Best of Winners/Best of Opposite Sex (over Specials) for a 4 point major in May, 2014.

Herding Group Specialty Results…

I entered all the Cardis in the local Herding Group Specialty show the last weekend in May. Figured why not 😉 may be crazy, but it may be worth it. It was a great weekend!

On Friday, May 30th, under Judge Sharon Anne Redner, our Gable (Allegro Grandiose Frankly My Dear) went Winners Dog from the Bred By Exhibitor class, and went on to go Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex over 2 male Specials to turn 2 points into a 4 point major!! Go Gable! 

Our Domino (Samhain Sticks and Stones) was Reserve Winners Dog to Gable.

Baby Flutter (Bluefox Elyan Mariposa) was Reserve Winners Bitch, and had a grand time all weekend. Shes so stinkin cute, and its hilarious that every judge over the weekend told her how cute she was while she was on the table. She loved every second of it!

Widget, (Ch Samhain Witchcraft at Grandiose) who we decided to play with to see if we can get her Grand Championship done this year before she gets bred, was awarded Best of Breed for a 5 point Grand Champion major and another Champions Defeated win. Nothing in group for Miss Widget.

On Saturday, May 31st, under Judge Debra Long Gschwender, Domino was Winners Dog for a 3 point major, and went on to be awarded Best of Winners and BEST OF BREED from the classes over 4 Specials for a 5 point major! Go Dom! Thats one heck of a way to earn your first major!

Flutter was again Reserve Winners Bitch (to the bitch major).

On Sunday, June 1st, under Judge Rick Gschwender, Gable was Winners Dog (for 2 points) and went on to Best of Winners (for another 4 point major).


All in all, it was a great weekend. 2 majors for Gable, a major for Domino, a Grand Champion major for Widget, and major Reserve for Flutter. Yep. Great weekend 🙂

New Champion

Pleased to announce that, pending AKC approval, Widget will now be known as Ch Samhain Witchcraft at Grandiose!
She finished with a 5 point major by going Best of Opposite Sex over the female specials last weekend. We moved her up for the second day of the show, and she was Select Butch for a 4 point Grand Champion major and a champions defeated win.

Widget is skipping maternity leave this spring as the timing didn’t work out with our trip to Cardigan Nationals, so we are looking forward to Widgie puppies in the fall.




Official Win Photo

Official Win Photo

Locke’s Official Win Photo from Greeley last weekend

5 point major under breeder Judge Dana Massey


Havent done many this year. Between back to back Nationals on opposite ends of the country and puppies soon after, the show this past weekend has been our second all breed show this year. We made it into a vacation and had a ton of fun visiting with friends and watching different breeds show. Got to participate in and watch the Eukanuba Breeders Stakes on Friday night which was actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Its neat to watch the different groups of dogs and see so many breeding programs at once. Having three dogs from each program in the ring together is a great visual. Took a ton of photos!!

As always, coming home with points is icing on the cake. I didnt expect much, as I really just wanted to go to the shows to get a break from the real world. Baby Locke ended up winning a 5 point major on Sunday under breeder judge Dana Massey (who is more famous for her Weimeraners than her Pointers…) and Domino picked up an additional point on Sunday as well to add to his small count. He hasnt been out much since he turned a year old, and is finally starting to look a bit more like an adult Cardigan instead of an awkward teenager.  Both boys were Reserve Winners Dog on Saturday in their respective breeds.

Camille (or as one judge referred to her – “The white bitch”) won her class both days but went no further. Widget as well…won her class both days but went no further.

Locke 2261

Widget at CWCCA Nationals….

Widget was shown in Sweeps and Regular classes at CWCCA Nationals this year….she placed third in her Puppy Sweeps class, and got the gate in her regular class. She showed fabulously. I think I have figured her out a bit on how to keep her happier in the show ring (although, she really does enjoy showing, its the grooming part she cant stand!!)

Widget 1044Widget 2985 Widget 1094 Widget 1089 Widget 1085

Domino at CWCCA Nationals…

Domino 1224Domino had his usual blast in the show ring at Nationals this year….this dog is so fun to show! He won the Am Bred class, and although he did nothing in Winners, the comments from ringside made us feel like we had 🙂 Domino 1227 Domino 1247 Domino 1258 Domino 1262 Domino 1297 Domino 1339 Domino 1399