Fall turns to winter and the sun sets…

We have been busy around here lately getting everything ready for winter, cleaning up after fall, and just getting everything straightened out in multiple instances in our lives.We have two days of snow forecast in the next 7 days…so I think its safe to say that it is officially winter in Colorado!

We decided to skip the Sporting Dog specialty in New Mexico this year, since we only had 1 dog to show, it just didnt seem worth the expense or the hassle of taking the whole crew down to show one dog. We didnt enter anyone in the Pueblo shows due to judges in one breed and just general immaturity in Domino’s case. Since that pretty much wraps up our show year, it pretty much means we are done! Wow. I have my eye set on a UKC show at the end of the year, but I have another month or so before I need to worry about entering that one, so we shall see if we go or not. We are planning on attending the fun matches in Pueblo, but those are just for fun and experience. So crazy to be done for the year. Our next “real” show coming up is the Rocky Mountain Cluster in February – and with the way things are brewing right now, I dont think we will be entering dogs at that show, but will be in attendance for the entire cluster. We have exciting announcements to make in the coming months, but I’m not spilling anything yet!

So, the sun has set on another year of shows. We finished 3 dogs championships this year (two champions and one grand champion) although we only put finishing points on all the dogs, they were pointed by their owners before coming to us. Unfortunately, we werent able to finish our own girls championships, but maybe in another year or so they will mature enough to take back out and work on finding those majors and final points. Proud of how well my dogs have done, and look forward to getting back out with them in the next year and seeing what we can accomplish….

We are working on building a small inventory of stacking boxes as well as crate covers and cooling coats for selling once the show season picks back up again- anyone interested in ordering any of them, please get in touch with me for more information.

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