End of the Year…

Wow…its almost 2012 already!

Lot of changes around here, some good, some awesome, some cruddy…

I updated a lot of the pages today, added a new photo here or there. Updated some stuff with the Dog Show Equipment pages mostly (the biggest piece was WE CAN NOW SHIP OUR STACKING BOXES!! WOOHOO!!!) so go check those out.  Added some new photos of some of the dogs that havent made it here yet, although I think for the most part, you have probably already seen them in a blog post.

We added one new face to our crew in 2011, Domino, who has already been introduced to the world 😉 He is awesome, and we wonder every day how we lived our lives for so long without a Corgi in them.

Thankfully no one left us this year, but we still think about those that have every day. I tear up when I randomly come across photos of Vanessa or Broker…both of whom were taken from us far too soon.

As always, we have high hopes for what the future may hold for us…it most certainly promises to be a bumpy and exciting ride, as always!

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