Great Days at the shows….

So, I decided Friday morning when I woke up that I wanted to go to the UKC show at least for the Friday show…so I quickly bathed Maui, grabbed her registration info, loaded up the stuff we needed for the day in the van, and headed off.

We got there, and registered, and talked with friends, and helped a friend show her Dobes, and did our breed judging, and then went in for the altered Gun Dog Group. She was only competing against one other dog, but the judge was blown away that not only was Maui 9 years old, but the condition she was in and how well she could  move for her age. So Maui won the altered Gun Dog Group. She then turned around and went in for the Veteran group. Again, only competing against one other dog in the group, but she still won that group as well. Same results for the afternoon show. They ran all the BIS classes at the same time, did show ones BIS classes first, and then completed show twos BIS classes. Maui went in for altered BIS for show one first, and the judge awarded her with the altered Best in Show! We were so thrilled! She then went back in the ring for the Veteran Best In Show for show one, and the judge was again blown away by her movement and condition for her age and awarded her with the Veteran Best in Show as well! Had a few minutes break while they judged the regular BIS for the second show, and then Maui followed up her performance by winning both the altered and the veteran BIS awards for the second show. So proud of our gorgeous old girl 🙂

Decided to go back on Saturday to try to finish her altered UKC Championship. No veterans class offered on Saturday, so she was just entered in altered. She repeated her performance, wowing the judges and walking away with 2 more altered Best in Show wins. Again, so over the moon proud of our gorgeous old girl 🙂 She completed her UKC altered Championship, and went 6 for 6 in the Best in Show rings!

We had a ton to do at home on Sunday, so skipped the show today. We had a great day showing our girl for the past two days, Maui has always been a really fun dog to show, since she greatly enjoys being in the show ring. I’m so glad she is aging well and still going strong into her veteran years…

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