Seems like there have been a lot of these lately, huh??


Well, this one *almost* pre-dates them all 😉

Widget (Widgie…Widgie-bo…Possum…she has been here for just a few days and already has a ton of nick names! LOL) flew to us on Sunday from Kim and Mark of Samhain Cardigans in WA…a new blue child to play with, a new Cardi girl for Domi to love. Pretty girl has already fallen in love with Brian and become “his” dog…funny I guess how certain dogs just know when someone needs something, since she has fallen right in rhythm with him, and its pretty amazing to watch.

As always, more photos later when we get the time….but for now, I’m stealing some that Mark took of Widget while she was with them…


And one I took with my phone (so its horrible quality!!)

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