Its the little things…

We recently upgraded from a van for the dogs to a small box truck for the dogs….it just got to the point that we were having to decide where and who and how to go places based on who had to stay home and watch the dogs at home, or how we were going to travel somewhere with all the dogs plus all our own stuff for the trip. So we “upgraded”….we actually went with an older vehicle, and less “options” (like power windows…) but vastly more room!!

Its a work in progress, and like most projects, as soon as we get it finished, I’m sure we will move on to a different vehicle…but that is another subject šŸ˜‰

So we’ve been slowly plucking away at getting everything in the truck the way we want it. We have some major projects to do – like new AC for the cab, a rooftop AC unit for the box (with heat option for the winter), need to install a tow hitch and get the cargo rack for it to carry the generator on, need to add a few more crates, have plans to add a fold-away bed so we can rest if needed on the road or wherever…things like that šŸ™‚

I’ve decided, over the course of working on this truck, and especially this past week as we’ve finished up some of the larger projects and some of the detail projects as well…that really, with something like this – its all in the details.

Like this:

We were driving somewhere someplace one day (like how vague and non-remembered the whole situation is now?!) and we passed the remnants of a vehicle that had burnt down on the side of the road. All I really remember is I looked at B and said “We need a fire extinguisher in the box truck” and he said “Ok”…the next day he came home with one, and it was recently hung in its new home on the cab side of the cabinet….easy access in case of emergency, and the first place I’m going anyway is the back to get dogs out in case of fire (we discussed putting it in the cab on the back wall, but I worried that should it somehow come loose from its bracket, it would hit me or the passenger in the head…)

Or little things that make life easier like this:

When I traveled with Monica earlier this year, this little gem was imparted into my memory…and after having to chase down the grooming arms and umbrellas that had fallen behind crates one day, I remembered it. A quick trip to home depot (and some McGyvering, because they only had rounded caps, so I just used duct tape on the bottom to “seal” them, and then put another strip around the top since the cut edge was slightly sharp and burred and I didnt want it catching on things or ruining things) and the problem was (partially) solved! I plan to add two more back there, but those pipes arent cheap (considering that they are just 2 ft lengths of pipe) and I have shows to enter and other things to do at the moment…but for now, it solves the issue FABULOUSLY!! I love them already šŸ™‚

So, anyway, all the platforms are in, everything is sectioned and secured where it needs to be – cabinet is hung, hooks have been installed to hold the dolly, hooks have been installed to hang slip leads, a small trash can has been placed in the cab, the GPS’s have been modified with velcro to stick to the roof of the cab (ha, I will have to take a photo so you guys know what the heck I mean by that…)….we’ve been working away, and its coming along nicely. Not a bad ride for the dogs, if I do say so myself!

(From the back doors looking towards the cab – on the left there is a 500 – with plans to add a second 500 as soon as I can find one to match – and two 200’s on the left, with storage for bins of blankets, towels, whatever…On the right there are four 400’s, three 300’s and a 200 [not pictured] – will add a second row of 400’s and a fourth 300 on this side eventually…)

From the cab looking toward the back doors…The 400’s and 300’s are on the left (where most of the dogs ride, and where I can see them while I’m driving…) and the 500’s on the right …

Will post more as it goes along…and as I remember those little details that make life easier on the road šŸ˜‰

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