Getting up to date….

Time flies when you are busy beyond belief!!
We’ve been having a great month, going to far too many dog shows…and the babies have been doing us proud this year.

Widget is up to 6 points, and (*knock on wood*) will hopefully single out this weekend. Then we will just be on the hunt for majors. Heck, we are on the hunt for majors anyway!!

Camille has been entered in her first show where she will be eligible for points. I’m quite excited for her debut as her baby puppy career (for whatever that was…) has been exciting thus far! Hopefully we can keep up the momentum and have a blast with the little girl in the mean time 🙂 Shes so stinkin cute and sweet its hard not to just fall head over heels in love with her!

Puzzle is sitting at 10 points (with 3 majors)….she needs 5 singles to finish. I’m HOPEFUL that we can have that done before she turns a year old, but we all know how best laid plans go! I want to finish Puzzle before seriously taking Camille out looking for points…no sense in having the babies competing against each other! There is only one of me, after all!

Maui had an absolute BLAST going out to the MHSDF shows at the beginning of the month and playing show dog again. She loved seeing all her friends again. I was personally hurt that only one person clapped for us in the Veteran Sweeps group. But Maui didnt care, she was out having fun doing what she loves to do the most. And she got to show with Melissa again as well in Juniors….(they won their Open Senior class)

Everyone else has just been hanging out, having fun at home, chasing chickens and what not.

We are off to more shows this weekend and next…hopefully will have more exciting things to report 🙂 (and maybe in a more timely manner as well!! LOL)

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