Lorne Update…

Lorne has been a baaaaaaaaaaddddddddddd girl so far this year. She managed to rip her side open late last year, and went thru multiple sets of staples and stitches and glue before she finally decided after a month to allow it to heal properly (and we tried about every type of cone and collar and muzzle and everything else we could think of – the second you took your eyes off of her, she would tear into herself) As soon as we got her all healed up and the hair was growing back and the errant thought ran across my mind of “Wow, shes actually looking really good again…” ….she was running around the yard and caught a bolt on the gate of a fence and ripped open her side again, a few inches down and forward from the previous injury. Ugh. We were a bit better prepared for her shenanigans this time, and she has healed much quicker. *knock on wood* her scars are not looking that bad and the hair is all nearly grown back.

That being said, providing we have no more incidents, Lorne will not be back out in the show ring until probably fall, where she will be looking for the last major and the small handful of singles she needs for her Championship.

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