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Lorne Update…

Lorne has been a baaaaaaaaaaddddddddddd girl so far this year. She managed to rip her side open late last year, and went thru multiple sets of staples and stitches and glue before she finally decided after a month to allow it to heal properly (and we tried about every type of cone and collar and muzzle and everything else we could think of – the second you took your eyes off of her, she would tear into herself) As soon as we got her all healed up and the hair was growing back and the errant thought ran across my mind of “Wow, shes actually looking really good again…” ….she was running around the yard and caught a bolt on the gate of a fence and ripped open her side again, a few inches down and forward from the previous injury. Ugh. We were a bit better prepared for her shenanigans this time, and she has healed much quicker. *knock on wood* her scars are not looking that bad and the hair is all nearly grown back.

That being said, providing we have no more incidents, Lorne will not be back out in the show ring until probably fall, where she will be looking for the last major and the small handful of singles she needs for her Championship.

Los Lunas, NM Weekend….

We had a most excellent time a few weeks ago in New Mexico. We went down a few days early to help my family out for a few days, and stayed over the weekend to show dogs. Was a great little mini “vacation” if you ask me!!

Anyway, it was also the “maiden voyage” and first road trip for the box truck. It was fun. I think its good to do a trip or two with something like this you are working on so you figure out what you need and what works and what does not. One of the first things we realized was that we needed a broom!! And then decided we might as well see if we could find a small shopvac that could mount on the wall as well (and we did, on clearance at wal-mart – which was an awesome find!!) So broom and wall mounted shopvac aside, the truck is pretty fabulous! Working out of it for a week with the dogs made life much easier than hauling crates in and out and working out of the minivan ever was!! There are some organizational things we need to figure out, but those will come with time of course and getting things “finished” as we go along. But for now, I’m quick pleased with how things are going with it.

Anyway, back to the show – we had 3 Cardigans and 2 Pointers entered over the weekend.

Puzzle needed 3 points to finish going into the weekend. She was WB/BOB the first two days for two of those points. She was also Best of Breed Puppy on Thursday and got a puppy Group 4th (which makes her 3 for 3 in puppy group placements in her puppy career…) Lorne ended up WB/BOB the last two days for 2 more points on her total.

In Cardigans, Widget was 2nd in her class 3 out of 4 days, and won her class on Saturday. Nola (who I show for and is owned by Penni Adrian of Elyan Cardigans – placed in the Open class every day she was entered, and was 2nd/RWB to the 5 point major on Sunday (SO CLOSE!! She only needs a major to finish!!)….Nash (who I show for and is owned by Jeri Lamy of Allegro Cardigans – was Select on Thursday, BOB/GROUP FIRST on Friday, BOB/Group Fourth on Saturday, and BOB/Cut in Group on Sunday. Not a bad weekend with the Nashville!!

All in all, not a bad weekend. Was sad and disappointed to have not finished Puzzle, but oh well, such is dog shows and the 14-point curse wanted to remind me that things dont always go as planned!!

We had photos done of some of the dogs while we were down there…will post them here in a bit….but for now, here is Puzzle showing in the Group on Thursday…


One at a time…

We spent the weekend in Denver at the Arapahoe Kennel Club shows…had Lorne and Puzzle entered, and Widget as well….


Lorne decided she really wanted to be a show dog this weekend, and added another point to her total on Saturday. Puzzle said “HEY! We need to share!” and got the point on Sunday.

Widget is becoming quite the little showgirl herself, and the judge gave her WB/BOW/BOS on Sunday for her 7th point. I think its time we start seriously looking for majors for this one!!


So, it seems, that one point at a time, we are getting closer and closer to those Championship titles….

Poor Lorne…

Seems that every time we decide to do photos, Lorne is either a muddy mess (dont let her sweet face fool you, she is a tomboy who loves to roll in the dirt!!) or is in season and we have boys to photograph and need their focus. So, since she is *just* coming out of season, we decided to bring her along and see what we can get out of her.

Mainly, I wanted new stacked photos to compare with photos from previous years to see how she is maturing …I think we accomplished at least that much. Some of her best “candid” shots were not in focus (grrrrrrr) but thats ok….another day. Maybe.

Sunshine Makes Me Happy….

One thing I have started to really enjoy, especially with Brian home again, is to just sit in the chair in the living room in the mornings with a cup of coffee, and watch the dogs play or whatever it is they decide to do, and enjoy the SILENCE. (Well, silence for the most part, I have some loud players sometimes!!)

One of the things I’ve noticed that most dogs enjoy, but the Pointer girls seem to REALLY enjoy and seek out, is laying in the beams of sunlight that come in the windows or patio doors. Our Maui will even go behind the curtains if we have them closed just to lay in the sun. I know it feels good to just lay in the sun, so I make a point to make sure at least one of the curtains is open for them in the mornings.

Today, all four of the Pointer girls decided that the sunbeam was THE place to be….

From closest to the door to furthest from the door its Maui, Stella, Juno, and Lorne. I found it somewhat funny that they lined themselves up like this…normally its one here, one stretched out there, one curled up over here. They tend to snuggle together a lot, but I have never seen them all lined up.

Bath Day!

We are off to a show first thing in the morning, so today is nails and baths…times 6!!
We have majors in Pointers, and hopefully will finish our visiting Cardi-boys Grand Championship…
Juno just needs two majors to finish…Lorne needs only one more major and some singles…so fingers tightly crossed we can get Juno finished. If not, oh well, such is life.

So, off to finish grooming Pointers…

Goings on at Grandiose

Busy is an understatement. After all the Pointador puppies left, and one of the Mommas, Ruby stayed behind which put us back up at 6 dogs. Ruby is getting her heartworm treatments and learning about being a housedog. She is still available for adoption thru Pointer Rescue (Pointer Rescue Org.)
We’ve been working on a lot of things with the dogs that are here. I’ve been slowly introducing Louie and Juno to the clicker. Louie is figuring it out very quickly, and Juno is a little more stubborn! LOL. It is my goal to enter them in at least rally at Nationals. We shall see how that works out! I’m hoping to be able to enter Louie in a local rally trial beforehand to work on proofing him before heading out to Nationals in May. Maui has just been hanging out being a spoiled old girl. She will go to Nationals with us as well. Lorne is growing up, and just enjoying being a princess. She has yet to come into season, and so is seriously lacking in physical maturity. Fingers crossed she comes in soon. Pyro has really just been hanging out since he came home. He likes just being a dog, and we like just letting him be a dog.
That’s pretty much where we are right now…stay tuned, things move fast around here!!