Growing up Cardi…

In late May, Gable turned two. Hes still growing up, and not quite mature enough to be a competitive special quite yet, so I decided to let him sit this year out of the show ring, and play other games with him instead. We started herding with him in May. He is entered in his first herding test on July 4th weekend. We are working towards his HT (Herding Tested) title presently. Fingers crossed 🙂 Herding has been a lot of fun, great way to fill the time between shows and it really is great to see the Cardis doing what they were originally bred to do, and seeing how far they have advanced in just a few weeks of classes.

Gable herding (2) Gable herding IMG_8739

And while we know he can work sheep….hes also still my Handsome ….

Gable HP Shoot (6) Gable HP Shoot (10) Gable HP Shoot (17) 2

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