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Spirit O’The Irish

Gizmo has been channeling her inner Leprechaun…


Spotted Puppy Plans…

We are planning on breeding Puzzle again this Spring when she comes in season. Hopefully we can get her pregnant this round. 🙂

If interested in more information on this litter, contact us at or use the contact form on the puppies, litters and available page.

2014 Cardigan Welsh Corgi Litter

I’ve fallen behind in keeping this up to date – facebook has sort of taken over! (and you can follow us there!

Our 2014 Cardigan Litter was out of our Widget – Ch Samhains Witchcraft at Grandiose – and sired by Rush – BISS GCh Regent Midnight Rush, RN NJP NAP ROMb – and produced 3 puppies.



1 Blue Merle Female

1 Black Female

1 Black Male


We are proud of how these puppies are growing up – Gizmo (the black female) is who we kept here at Grandiose and more information can be found on her own page.

Cardigan Litter 2015

We are presently breeding a Cardigan litter that will be due May 2015.

For more information, see our “Puppies, Litters, and Available” page or email us.



We will be completing Puzzles health testing shortly, and have plans to breed her in 2014.
If you are interested in a puppy, please contact us at for more information.

…And Shes Goooooddddd!

In December, we had Widgets hips xrayed and submitted to OFA for evaluation.

We received the results today, and the OFA rated her hips as “Good”

(Passing OFA hip scores are “Fair”, “Good” and “Excellent”. Anything lower than a “Fair” is considered Dysplastic and is given a rating of “Mild”, “Moderate”, “Severe”, and the hips are considered to have failed.)


Passing her hips was the last health test on the list for Widget. We are going ahead with our breeding plans for 2014. We expect Blue Merle and Black puppies in our 2014 litter. If you are interested in being added to the puppy list, please send us an email to


Well, not really, since he was born here….

But *Officially* introducing Gable. Who will be formally known as Allegro Grandiose Frankly My Dear.

Gable is our keeper puppy from the Nash x Lexi litter, who will all be named with “Gone With The Wind” themed registered names. Gable is a handsome little guy who had our eye for a few weeks before the official 8 week puppy evaluations. Super happy fun puppy with quite the naughty streak 😉 Hes been a lot of fun so far, and had a couple of big adventures, including to the dog shows this past weekend where he tended to be a traffic stopper with his corgi puppy cuteness and “Oh hey you, come pet me” attitude.


8 weeks

Orange 1060 Orange 8 weeks

7 weeks

Mr Orange 7 weeks 051 Mr Orange 7 weeks 135

6 weeks

Mr Orange 6 weeks 934

Boys @ 8 weeks

The boys are 8 weeks old. We did evaluations and such yesterday… are their 8 weeks photos.



Purple 8 weeks 274




Orange 8 weeks 930




Mr Green 8 weeks 459



Blue Blue 8 weeks 153

Boys at 7 weeks