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Sunshine Litter


Puzzle hanging out in the yard monday morning….sure didnt look like there were 8 puppies hiding in there!DSC_7787 DSC_7791 DSC_7793

All eight, in birth order.

Miss Silver
Mr Gold
Miss Black
Mr Brown
Miss Pink
Mr Purple
Mr Orange
Miss Red

Welcome, Sunshine Litter!

we welcomed our “Sunshine” litter of Pointer puppies on July 20th, 2015. Eight puppies, 4 boys, 4 girls. We will have puppies available from this litter.

It’s been seven years since our last homebred pointer litter at Grandiose – long awaited! Can’t wait to watch these kids grow up.

If you are interested in a puppy, please contact us for more information.


Spotted Puppy Plans…

We are planning on breeding Puzzle again this Spring when she comes in season. Hopefully we can get her pregnant this round. 🙂

If interested in more information on this litter, contact us at or use the contact form on the puppies, litters and available page.



We will be completing Puzzles health testing shortly, and have plans to breed her in 2014.
If you are interested in a puppy, please contact us at for more information.

Puzzle Update/Photos

Puzzle is another who is just hanging out and growing up. Crazy little girl loves to run and play and be wild and free, but wants to be a child forever. She completely has the “I dont wanna grow up!” mentality! But we love her nonetheless.


Photos from February, 2013…


Puzzle 004 Puzzle 294 Puzzle 352 Puzzle 439



Puzzles ad from the Winter 2012/2013 Issue of Pointer Points –

Puzzle Ad copy

Puzzle’s New Champion Photo

Puzzle's New Champion Photo

It’s Official…

AKC confirmed Puzzles Championship on Friday. The New Champion photo came in the mail Saturday. Now just waiting for the certificate to arrive. It’s nice when you know they are officially finished 🙂
Will post photo when I get home from this trip and have time to scan it.

Photos from Los Lunas, NM










Group Shows…

The last two shows we have gone to (over the past two weekends….) have been “Group Shows”…different from all breed shows, which include breeds from all 7 AKC groups, Group Shows focus on just the breeds from a single AKC Group.

In late October, it was the Continental Divide Herding Associations Inaugural show. Since I like to support new clubs that host the only specialties I will probably see in this region for my breeds, we entered Domino and Widget. Domi has not been shown since the National, since he has just been sitting at home growing up (slowly but surely). Since they didnt offer a 15 to 18 month class in Sweeps, he was only entered in the regular breed, and had a BLAST being in the show ring again. He was WD for another single point towards his total. Widget won her Sweeps class, and was WB/BOW/BOS for another single point towards her total.

In November, it was the New Mexico Sporting Dog Fanciers. I love this show, but it falls after a lot of long clusters and a long fall string of shows, and I’m either burned out, broke, finished everything, or a combination of all by the time it rolls around. But, since I needed a single point for Puzzle to finish, we entered and made the trip down. Under judge Anne Katona (who, ironically, was the very first judge Puzzle ever showed to…) Puzzle was WB/BOB for the single point she needed to finish her Championship (pending AKC Approval, of course!) and at just shy of 1 year old, she managed to do it all from the puppy classes. With a 6 hour drive home, we opted not to stay for Groups or Puppy Groups (she was Best Puppy of Breed) as well….and made the drive home instead. Hopefully her New Champion photo turns out nicely 🙂 (and shows up quickly!!)

Los Lunas, NM Weekend….

We had a most excellent time a few weeks ago in New Mexico. We went down a few days early to help my family out for a few days, and stayed over the weekend to show dogs. Was a great little mini “vacation” if you ask me!!

Anyway, it was also the “maiden voyage” and first road trip for the box truck. It was fun. I think its good to do a trip or two with something like this you are working on so you figure out what you need and what works and what does not. One of the first things we realized was that we needed a broom!! And then decided we might as well see if we could find a small shopvac that could mount on the wall as well (and we did, on clearance at wal-mart – which was an awesome find!!) So broom and wall mounted shopvac aside, the truck is pretty fabulous! Working out of it for a week with the dogs made life much easier than hauling crates in and out and working out of the minivan ever was!! There are some organizational things we need to figure out, but those will come with time of course and getting things “finished” as we go along. But for now, I’m quick pleased with how things are going with it.

Anyway, back to the show – we had 3 Cardigans and 2 Pointers entered over the weekend.

Puzzle needed 3 points to finish going into the weekend. She was WB/BOB the first two days for two of those points. She was also Best of Breed Puppy on Thursday and got a puppy Group 4th (which makes her 3 for 3 in puppy group placements in her puppy career…) Lorne ended up WB/BOB the last two days for 2 more points on her total.

In Cardigans, Widget was 2nd in her class 3 out of 4 days, and won her class on Saturday. Nola (who I show for and is owned by Penni Adrian of Elyan Cardigans – placed in the Open class every day she was entered, and was 2nd/RWB to the 5 point major on Sunday (SO CLOSE!! She only needs a major to finish!!)….Nash (who I show for and is owned by Jeri Lamy of Allegro Cardigans – was Select on Thursday, BOB/GROUP FIRST on Friday, BOB/Group Fourth on Saturday, and BOB/Cut in Group on Sunday. Not a bad weekend with the Nashville!!

All in all, not a bad weekend. Was sad and disappointed to have not finished Puzzle, but oh well, such is dog shows and the 14-point curse wanted to remind me that things dont always go as planned!!

We had photos done of some of the dogs while we were down there…will post them here in a bit….but for now, here is Puzzle showing in the Group on Thursday…