On the road again…

Spent the last two weekends in New Mexico.

The first weekend was in Alamogordo, where we had a great time on Saturday, the temperatures got HOT, and we woke up to disaster on Sunday and ended up skipping the show to head home.

Spent this past weekend in Los Lunas. Had fun on Saturday, got the Pointers shown, 2 GCh points for Miss Stella…Domino got to go play and have fun with the other Cardis. The show on Sunday sucked. Stella was BOB for another 2 GCh points, Domino had fun and showed very well for a little barely legal 6 month old. The judge made a point to tell me how much she liked him. Guess my puppy boys were just too immature for the panel this weekend….oh well. Another day, another dog show.

Went to visit my Parents after the show, swung by Starbucks near the college to pick up coffee on the way – and as I was driving down the road, noticed a guy riding a horse, leading a fully loaded pack horse. Right by the New Mexico state university. In the middle of the city. Crazy. The things you see when you show dogs……

Long drive home, as is normal, and of course, wake up sicker than a dog this morning. Feel very much like death warmed over….few days to relax will hopefully help before this progresses to something worse! Ugh. Thankfully most of the dogs are content to just hang out and cuddle in bed all day. I love my doggies 🙂

Still deciding on our next shows……..to go or not to go, that is the question!!

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