Gearing Up For Denver….

We are a little less than a month away now from the Rocky Mountain cluster in Denver,CO.
It’s the first big show in the region…the first one of the year for many…
We are working on getting stacking boxes put together to deliver to the show. If you are interested in picking up a stacking box from us in Denver to not have to pay shipping costs, please send us a message soon so we can be sure to have enough of the requested sizes and colors available.
We offer 5 color choices – Red, Blue, Purple, Orange, and Green. Our basic sizes are 24″ and 36″…we are working on putting together a 30″ box as well as a 42 to 48″ box for the big big dogs, and as always, will post more info on that when we get it going…

Also, if you want crate covers, crate tags, cooling coats, or anything else made and brought to you at Denver, feel free to send us a message about it!!

Our email is …we look forward to helping your dog look it’s best!!

PS: I’m coming home from the Puyallup/Portland circuit with a fantastic new idea that we are looking forward to making work out and sharing with everyone!!

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