Just Another Piece of the Puzzle….

Huh? What does that mean?

I’ve been half-heartedly looking for a new Pointer girl. Figured I would never find her, never convince a breeder to part with her if I did…and then one day sitting at shows in Texas, a message to a breeder about how many puppies they were keeping from a litter, turned into our new little girl getting on a plane and flying to Colorado.

We are very excited about our new little girls future – she spent her first few days with us taking in the sights at the Denver show, was quite the attraction, and had a blast. She thinks the world belongs to her, that EVERYONE needs to pet her, and all the commotion during Group judging is the most awesome thing ever! Shes a happy, bouncy, outgoing little girl, and we just love her. Now to grow her up a bit 😉

So, our new addition at Grandiose is “Puzzle”, to be formally known as Finishline Wandering Spirit.

We will post photos later when we have more time to take some!!


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