A Good Day…

Good days at the dog show are subjective – sometimes a good day is just having fun with friends or not falling on your face going around the ring. Some days its finishing a dog, winning a major, or placing in the group. And some days, its walking away with the whole kit n kaboodle.

We went to the UKC show on Friday with Puzzle and Maui (I wish I could have gone for the whole weekend, but had other obligations…)

Maui turned in her usual “absolutely love to show more than anything else in the world” performance, and managed to charm the judges into giving her both Best Veteran in Show as well as AL Best in Show, making her a 5 time BIS winner in UKC. Love my old girl, and love that she has aged like a very fine wine as well and is still able to hold her own with the much younger dogs even at 9 years old +…

Little baby Puzzle had a blast at the show (the world revolves around her, after all) and decided that the show dog thing was not so hard after all, and walked away with Best Novice Puppy in Show…the Judge handed her the ribbon, and she carried it out the ring and all the way to Brian who was sitting ringside with Maui. Such a cute little baby she is 🙂

Friday was, for sure, a good day at the dog show…


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