Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

I’m gonna keep a LONG week (and story!) short….it was a FANTASTIC national. I had a great time, met a lot of great people, got to see people I rarely get to see. Had a fantastic time with friends, saw some great and not-so-great Cardigans. And hey, we even came home with (pieces of) a Ribbon and a beautiful pottery bowl!

Domino was his usual rock star self. I love my blue puppy beyond words. When the maturity fairy visits, we will have a LOT of fun! He placed third in his regular class….here is the unofficial win pic:

Nothing like a gorgeous blue boy (and yes, I am highly biased – but I’ve been told the same thing by a number of unbiased people, so I really do believe its true beyond my own eyes….) that can MOVE like the wind as well (and correctly to boot!)

There were some wonderful candid photographers ringside, and I’ve been hunting down candids, since my camera never left its bag the whole week! LOL.

As I receive them…I hope to be able to post some of them here 🙂

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