What a crazy few weeks it’s been…

Puzzle broke a toe playing in the yard right before I left for Nationals…
Juno got a hematoma in her ear the week before I left for Nationals…
We picked up kennel cough while at Nationals and it’s been working it’s way through the young dogs. I look at KC like the chicken pox – once they’ve had it, they generally don’t get it again. The only dogs that got sick this time were the ones who weren’t here two years ago when we had KC going through the house (the puppies – Dom and Puzzle – and the two visitor puppies)
To top it all off, Juno came in season the day I got home from Nationals, so the boys have been making life pretty miserable the past week!

So, last Friday, I took two dogs (Dom and Juno) and drove to Albuquerque for 4 days of shows. I had no dogs entered myself since Domi is out maturing, and Puzzle was broke when entries closed (fine now, of course!!)
I picked up Rango Friday night, and met Penni who has Chase and Nola at the show on Saturday morning.
To keep this from becoming a novel – here are the short version results:

Sat: Rango RWD; Nola 1st in AmBred; Chase BOB (5 PT GCh major)

Sun: Rango 1st in 9-12; Nola 1st in AmBred; Chase SD (1 PT)

Mon: Rango WD/BOW/BP (4 PT major); Nola 1st in AmBred; Chase BOB (5 PT GCh major)

Tues: Chase SD (1 PT)
Rango had a bad day on Tuesday. Decided he was done playing show dog for the weekend. Sometimes 4 days is just too much for the babies.

Penni and I decided to skip the Durango shows since it was only a single point and just Nola entered, wasn’t worth the time or money for either of us.

Next show is Flatirons in Longmont…will be Puzzles first show, and Pointers show outdoors so should be an interesting experience for her!! No points, but good practice regardless.

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