Having Fun…

Took the two new babies out to a fun match a few weekends ago (see how behind I am?) to have some fun and let them get some more exposure to the crazy world of dog shows…

Lil Camille is silly. She HATES being confined – in ANY way! She hates being locked off the deck, she hates being in the dog run in the yard, she hates being in a crate, she hates being on a leash. She is the definition of a “free spirit”…and she will tell you all about how much she hates what you are doing to her by “locking her up”….

All that aside, she is still a gorgeous little puppy!! She managed to bounce and hop her way (well, and move correctly for a step or two or three) to a Puppy Group 1 at the match. Not bad for a 4 month old babe.

Took Miss Widget along as well to see how she would react to things. She did fantastically, and Mark and Kim trained her well as a show puppy, and she did wonderfully as I could have expected of her. I guess my hangup on her is that one side of her face is sweet and gorgeous, and the other half makes her look upset and makes her head look – odd. Of course, that is the show side. I’m going to do my best to show her backwards. Its a hard thing for ME to do…easy for the dog! I used to always flip Maui backwards after the down and back because her off side is flashier….might have to get back into that habit with Widgie-poo. Regardless, she wound up with Best puppy of Breed, and went on to a Herding Puppy Group Second. Pretty proud of the lil Widgie kid. She did well for me.

Trying to decide if I want to go to any matches this weekend….should probably get Puzzle out and practice with her a bit before she shows again next weekend…..decisions, decisions!!

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