Weekend At Greeley…

Busy weekends at big shows can be exhausting….especially when you drive 2+ hours each way every day of the show…

Regardless, we had fun. Got to visit with friends I havent gotten to spend a lot of time with this year, see some great dogs, show some great dogs, help some people out, and be on my feet far more than I should have been!! (and the fact that the dogs slammed the gate into my knee Thursday night and bent it backward did not help any – can barely stand on it today!)

This past weekend was lil Widget’s first actual real show with me. She did so well 🙂 I really dont like showing puppies in the building at Greeley, as it can be a very loud and noisy place, and not always the best exposure for puppies. Cardis have shown outside in the past, but were scheduled inside this year (which is nice, especially when its 90+ degrees outside!!) Widget was WB/BOW for her first point under Judge Dana Cline on Saturday…and WB/BOW for two additional points under Judge Danelle Brown on Sunday. Both Judges loved Widget…and we would have to agree, we love her too!!

Unofficial win photo from Sunday….











Widget on the move…




We helped out a friend by building majors in Pointer bitches over the weekend, so had three Pointer girls entered….Lorne did the best on Saturday by going RWB. Judge said that she loved her, and that she was very deserving, she just wasnt showy enough to win the points that day. Oh Well. On Sunday, Puzzle was WB/BOS for her third major (3 points) under Judge Sherrie Morgan which puts her at 10 points (all majors) at 9 months old. Not bad for the lil Puzzle baby.

Unofficial Win Pic…



Proud of my girls this weekend…they all did well. Camille came along for the ride on Sunday and got to hang out and see all her friends and meet a bunch of new ones.

In two weeks we are off to Cheyenne for a day to play in the baby puppy group with Camille and have more adventures showing Puzzle and Widget….

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