Getting started and catching up….

Been really busy the past few months….so have a lot of catching up to do. Well, not really. There hasn’t been much going on around here on the dog front aside from the dogs just hanging out while we have been working like mad 🙂
I took Camille to Portland, OR last month to get her out and have some fun. Nothing huge to report, but I’m personally very proud of how the silly baby did.
Have the Corgis entered in the Denver shows next weekend…..majors in boys all 4 days…a nice healthy Cardigan entry. We have our fingers tightly crossed!
Working out plans for Nationals….both Cardigans and Pointers…..we will be vending for our Show Dog Equipment business at Pointer Nationals.
Have been working hard on finishing the truck – new tires and an AC unit are next on the list, but all the crates are in, the bed is in, storage installed. Tie downs secured. I’m thrilled with how it is coming along!
Finally got a chance to take some of the kids out and take photos today….will have to post them later.

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