Havent done many this year. Between back to back Nationals on opposite ends of the country and puppies soon after, the show this past weekend has been our second all breed show this year. We made it into a vacation and had a ton of fun visiting with friends and watching different breeds show. Got to participate in and watch the Eukanuba Breeders Stakes on Friday night which was actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Its neat to watch the different groups of dogs and see so many breeding programs at once. Having three dogs from each program in the ring together is a great visual. Took a ton of photos!!

As always, coming home with points is icing on the cake. I didnt expect much, as I really just wanted to go to the shows to get a break from the real world. Baby Locke ended up winning a 5 point major on Sunday under breeder judge Dana Massey (who is more famous for her Weimeraners than her Pointers…) and Domino picked up an additional point on Sunday as well to add to his small count. He hasnt been out much since he turned a year old, and is finally starting to look a bit more like an adult Cardigan instead of an awkward teenager.  Both boys were Reserve Winners Dog on Saturday in their respective breeds.

Camille (or as one judge referred to her – “The white bitch”) won her class both days but went no further. Widget as well…won her class both days but went no further.

Locke 2261

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