Sunshine Litter 6 week Formal Photos…

Cant believe the babies are 6 weeks old already! (well, almost 7 weeks, honestly, I’m a bit behind, as usual!)     Miss Black Mr Brown   Mr Gold   Mr Orange   Miss Pink   Mr Purple   Miss Red   Miss Silver

Sunshine Litter 5 week formal photos

I’m a few days (well, more than a few) behind – but here are the 5 week stacked photos…. Hopefully I will be a bit more timely with the 6 week shots 😉 Black collar girl: Pink Collar Girl: Red Collar Girl: Silver Collar Girl: Brown collar boy: Gold collar boy: Orange collar boy: PurpleContinue reading “Sunshine Litter 5 week formal photos”

Sunshine Litter 4 week “Formal” Photos

Time is flying by, and the babies are growing by leaps and bounds (literally!) Here are their 4 week shots: Black and Pink collar girls   Red and Silver collar girls Brown and Gold collar boys Orange and Purple collar boys

Puppy Adventures

Its been warm enough lately (and not pouring rain!) so they puppies can start having outdoor adventures. Its so fun watching them explore about, watching them learn and be exposed to crazy things like really loud motorcycles and 4wheelers going by, and birds twitting about (its really fun to see their puppy instincts start toContinue reading “Puppy Adventures”

Sunshine Litter 2 week “formal” photos

Because there is so much formality in a 2 week old – this is as good as we get at this age! lol But they are awfully cute! Everyones eyes are open, and they are all starting to get up on their feet and walk (even if sometimes it looks more like a drunk stagger,Continue reading “Sunshine Litter 2 week “formal” photos”

Sunshine Litter, Week 1…

The babies are a week old now and growing fast! Before we know it they will be up on their feet and being undeniably adorable! Again, we will have a few of these puppies available to companion or show homes…if you are interested, please contact us via the form on the puppies page or viaContinue reading “Sunshine Litter, Week 1…”