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Fall Photo Shoot

We were sitting here enjoying a gorgeous fall day in Colorado and I started thinking about how we havent done photos of the dogs in awhile….

So we packed up the van and headed out to Garden of the Gods with most of the crew (left Lorne at home since she is in blazing season, and Domino gets his pictures taken quite often lately, so he stayed home as well) and set out to do pictures. We tried to get each dog their own unique backdrop, so we did quite a bit of hiking and hauling of out-of-shape butts up and down hills to get the right spots. Sore legs tonight, but I think some of the pictures we got were well worth it! (and I’m again resolved to start losing all this excess blubber I carry around!)

I will also say that these are ungroomed, un-touched photos. I cropped some of the excess background out of most of them (or cropped myself out 🙂 ) but aside from cropping, I did NOTHING to them. The dogs were ungroomed, unshined, just packed in the van and headed out. I think Pyros pictures alone are enough evidence of exactly WHY I am head over heals in LOVE with our dogs diets! He gets his meat/bone/organs, and NO suppliments at all. He hasnt been bathed in probably 3 or 4 months now. I rarely brush him….and didnt spray or wipe or brush him for his photos…..LOOK at that SHINE!!!

My handsome Pyro…who will be 4 in a couple months.


My gorgeous old lady Maui, who turned 9 a few weeks ago. She is in phenominal condition for a 9 year old, and we just love her to pieces!!



Miss Juno, who recently turned 2, and who I havent gotten any good “grown up pictures” of since…

And Louie. Louie V. Who has been the redheaded stepchild lately! Poor Louie, so obsessed with the girls, but really tries sooooo hard to be such a good boy! We love his silly Orange self!!


And, because I think it is a gorgeous shot of a gorgeous Pointer….we took photos of our two remaining visitors as well…

Stella …



and Gravy….


I will leave it to their owners if they want the rest of their photos published….


I honestly love doing photos of the dogs. One day maybe I will even be lucky enough to have a super fancy camera and know how to use it! LOL. But for now, we take what we take and we have fun doing it, and get some fun shots of the dogs to have for ourselves forever 🙂

Goings on at Grandiose

Busy is an understatement. After all the Pointador puppies left, and one of the Mommas, Ruby stayed behind which put us back up at 6 dogs. Ruby is getting her heartworm treatments and learning about being a housedog. She is still available for adoption thru Pointer Rescue (Pointer Rescue Org.)
We’ve been working on a lot of things with the dogs that are here. I’ve been slowly introducing Louie and Juno to the clicker. Louie is figuring it out very quickly, and Juno is a little more stubborn! LOL. It is my goal to enter them in at least rally at Nationals. We shall see how that works out! I’m hoping to be able to enter Louie in a local rally trial beforehand to work on proofing him before heading out to Nationals in May. Maui has just been hanging out being a spoiled old girl. She will go to Nationals with us as well. Lorne is growing up, and just enjoying being a princess. She has yet to come into season, and so is seriously lacking in physical maturity. Fingers crossed she comes in soon. Pyro has really just been hanging out since he came home. He likes just being a dog, and we like just letting him be a dog.
That’s pretty much where we are right now…stay tuned, things move fast around here!!