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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We hope 2014 is kind, and brings you happiness and good fortunes.


Photos from Los Lunas, NM














Miss Widget at 9 months. Really not impressed with standing on the rocks.

4 month old Camille

4 month old Camille

Puppies growing up…

They grow so fast….I feel guilty since it seems like all I do is take photos of the puppies…which is partially true, but mostly because they grow up so fast and change so quickly!!


Camille at 3.5 months….


Puzzle at 7 months ….


(Can you tell her photos were taken last and we were quickly losing daylight?? LOL)


And the “new” puppy – Widget at 8 months….


I’m not really sure why I like this next photo….Its a weird habit I have to pull all the dogs tails out when I stack them (too many years doing Pointers, I guess) so every Cardi I show, after I place their rear feet, I pull their tail out and drop it. I guess in a way its good because it gets their tail out from under their feet or tucked slightly between their legs. I just think it is hilarious that Brian caught me doing it with the camera. And its not a half bad photo of the Widgie.



And not to be left out – random photos from when I was taking pictures of the crew in the dog run the other night.  (there are some above as well…)

Domino LOVES the pool….even if it is empty. (Although he prefers it full!)


Puzzle, 7 months

Our baby Puzzle is 7 months old now…..and still such a cute little baby.


We are off to the Oklahoma City Cluster next week ….its a supported entry in Pointers (and Cardigans, although I didnt enter any of my own Cardis, I am taking a clients Cardi out and will hopefully pick up the last 3 points he needs for his Grand Championship)

We will keep our fingers crossed – its the first show Puzzle is entered in that has points available, and its majors, so we hope the judges like the Puzzle puppy and maybe we can knock a major or two out of the way. If not, at least we will have fun 🙂



Little baby Camille is 11 weeks old now, and is as cute and happy and silly as ever. Dont be fooled by her feminine appearance, this girl is all tomboy!! Its funny how the whitest dog in the house is routinely the dirtiest! Not a day goes by that she does not come in from playing outside caked in dirt!!

But she is beautiful, and we love her, and are very excited for her future!!


Had fun yesterday doing photos…here is some of what we ended up with…

(14 months, ungroomed)




I’ve had the following pictures in mind for a bit…and we finally got them, sort of 😉 Will probably go back at some point and do some more, see if we cant get that “perfect” shot on the tank…



Poor Lorne…

Seems that every time we decide to do photos, Lorne is either a muddy mess (dont let her sweet face fool you, she is a tomboy who loves to roll in the dirt!!) or is in season and we have boys to photograph and need their focus. So, since she is *just* coming out of season, we decided to bring her along and see what we can get out of her.

Mainly, I wanted new stacked photos to compare with photos from previous years to see how she is maturing …I think we accomplished at least that much. Some of her best “candid” shots were not in focus (grrrrrrr) but thats ok….another day. Maybe.