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Juno Update/Photos…

Oh Juno….Shes not been doing much but hanging out being a pet. She needs her majors to finish, but HATES anything to do with being a show dog. (Actually, I just think she HATES not being able to do what she wants to do, when she wants to do it…just like learning to sit, which has been nearly 4 years in the process, and we are still no closer than we were when she came here.) Shes just a free spirit. And thats fine. Shes silly and ackward and loves to bring you toys to show you all day long….and she doesnt complain when she gets put in a tree to have photos taken. What else could you ask for 😉Juno 188 Juno 202 Juno 249



I dont think I’ve posted new Juno photos in a bit, and she went out to the lake with us when we did photos of Puzzle, so she got a photo shoot as well.


Juno loves stalking and pointing the birds. I’ve let her down by not getting her in the field (have I ever mentioned that I am a huge fan of more hours in the day and more money in the bank?!?!?) because she really needs to be out working the field looking for birds all day!! Lately, however, she has just been relaxing on the couch and being the master destroyer of all toys. She is a silly one.


She loved the geese that were on the lake. If I would have let her off the lead, she would have gladly jumped in and gone swimming with them!


And I think we are finally starting to mature a bit and not be such a crazy puppy when moving on the lead 😉

Sunshine Makes Me Happy….

One thing I have started to really enjoy, especially with Brian home again, is to just sit in the chair in the living room in the mornings with a cup of coffee, and watch the dogs play or whatever it is they decide to do, and enjoy the SILENCE. (Well, silence for the most part, I have some loud players sometimes!!)

One of the things I’ve noticed that most dogs enjoy, but the Pointer girls seem to REALLY enjoy and seek out, is laying in the beams of sunlight that come in the windows or patio doors. Our Maui will even go behind the curtains if we have them closed just to lay in the sun. I know it feels good to just lay in the sun, so I make a point to make sure at least one of the curtains is open for them in the mornings.

Today, all four of the Pointer girls decided that the sunbeam was THE place to be….

From closest to the door to furthest from the door its Maui, Stella, Juno, and Lorne. I found it somewhat funny that they lined themselves up like this…normally its one here, one stretched out there, one curled up over here. They tend to snuggle together a lot, but I have never seen them all lined up.

Fall Photo Shoot

We were sitting here enjoying a gorgeous fall day in Colorado and I started thinking about how we havent done photos of the dogs in awhile….

So we packed up the van and headed out to Garden of the Gods with most of the crew (left Lorne at home since she is in blazing season, and Domino gets his pictures taken quite often lately, so he stayed home as well) and set out to do pictures. We tried to get each dog their own unique backdrop, so we did quite a bit of hiking and hauling of out-of-shape butts up and down hills to get the right spots. Sore legs tonight, but I think some of the pictures we got were well worth it! (and I’m again resolved to start losing all this excess blubber I carry around!)

I will also say that these are ungroomed, un-touched photos. I cropped some of the excess background out of most of them (or cropped myself out 🙂 ) but aside from cropping, I did NOTHING to them. The dogs were ungroomed, unshined, just packed in the van and headed out. I think Pyros pictures alone are enough evidence of exactly WHY I am head over heals in LOVE with our dogs diets! He gets his meat/bone/organs, and NO suppliments at all. He hasnt been bathed in probably 3 or 4 months now. I rarely brush him….and didnt spray or wipe or brush him for his photos…..LOOK at that SHINE!!!

My handsome Pyro…who will be 4 in a couple months.


My gorgeous old lady Maui, who turned 9 a few weeks ago. She is in phenominal condition for a 9 year old, and we just love her to pieces!!



Miss Juno, who recently turned 2, and who I havent gotten any good “grown up pictures” of since…

And Louie. Louie V. Who has been the redheaded stepchild lately! Poor Louie, so obsessed with the girls, but really tries sooooo hard to be such a good boy! We love his silly Orange self!!


And, because I think it is a gorgeous shot of a gorgeous Pointer….we took photos of our two remaining visitors as well…

Stella …



and Gravy….


I will leave it to their owners if they want the rest of their photos published….


I honestly love doing photos of the dogs. One day maybe I will even be lucky enough to have a super fancy camera and know how to use it! LOL. But for now, we take what we take and we have fun doing it, and get some fun shots of the dogs to have for ourselves forever 🙂


Health testing always scares the crud outta me! I always worry that years of putting time and effort and love and seemingly endless amounts of cash into a dog will end in failed hips or bad thyroid or a seemingly endless list of other things that we test for not because of the high risk of them being bad, but so that we can catch those things before they do go bad…

We are blessed with a relatively healthy breed in Pointers. What bothers me is the “Oh well, why test for what isnt there?” attitude so many breeders have. So so so so so many dogs walk around their whole lives unilaterally deaf, or only able to partially see, or with a thyroid condition, or even with hip dysplasia. Asymptematic is just that – not showing visible symptoms of an underlying problem. Do you think Dobermans got the way they are because breeders were testing every dog before it was bred? Nope. And the average lifespan of a Doberman is 8 years. I never want to see Pointers go down that road, in this lifetime or the next. So I test. Anything in the house that I am even thinking of breeding, I test.

So, as we were sitting here debating pros and cons and possible future stud dogs, Juno turned 2. Now, its not only my personal morals but also in my contract with her breeder that she will have her hips xrayed and submitted to OFA at 2 years old. I managed to find a pretty awesome health clinic where I could get Hips, Eyes, and Thyroid done for the price my regular vet charges for just Hips, and I got her hips done with absolutely no sedation. Pretty awesome if you ask me!

So, we did all 3 tests. Hip xrays, a CERF exam, and an OFA Thyroid lab are required for submission to the CHIC program for Pointers. We obviously found out the results from the CERF exam while we were in the office, and Juno CERF’d normal, with no notations. We had to wait nearly a month for her hips and her thyroid to come back, and we finally got them back this past week. We also managed to get ahold of her BAER test results from when she was an 8 week old baby, and will be submitting those to OFA to add to her record as well (she is BAER normal as well, in case anyone was wondering! Thanks Sarah for sending them!)

Juno’s hips came back rated EXCELLENT. Her thyroid came back Normal, and her CERF we already knew was Normal. Proud of our little Junebug, even if we decided that breeding her is just not in the cards this year 🙂

Her OFA results page can be found at:




Bath Day!

We are off to a show first thing in the morning, so today is nails and baths…times 6!!
We have majors in Pointers, and hopefully will finish our visiting Cardi-boys Grand Championship…
Juno just needs two majors to finish…Lorne needs only one more major and some singles…so fingers tightly crossed we can get Juno finished. If not, oh well, such is life.

So, off to finish grooming Pointers…

Goings on at Grandiose

Busy is an understatement. After all the Pointador puppies left, and one of the Mommas, Ruby stayed behind which put us back up at 6 dogs. Ruby is getting her heartworm treatments and learning about being a housedog. She is still available for adoption thru Pointer Rescue (Pointer Rescue Org.)
We’ve been working on a lot of things with the dogs that are here. I’ve been slowly introducing Louie and Juno to the clicker. Louie is figuring it out very quickly, and Juno is a little more stubborn! LOL. It is my goal to enter them in at least rally at Nationals. We shall see how that works out! I’m hoping to be able to enter Louie in a local rally trial beforehand to work on proofing him before heading out to Nationals in May. Maui has just been hanging out being a spoiled old girl. She will go to Nationals with us as well. Lorne is growing up, and just enjoying being a princess. She has yet to come into season, and so is seriously lacking in physical maturity. Fingers crossed she comes in soon. Pyro has really just been hanging out since he came home. He likes just being a dog, and we like just letting him be a dog.
That’s pretty much where we are right now…stay tuned, things move fast around here!!