I didn’t enter anything in the Denver show this year, but that still didn’t stop us from going to hang out and visit. 🙂
We took Maui up to Melissa for Juniors on Saturday and Monday, and I got to watch the two of them put in two awesome performances in the Juniors ring. They placed fourth in the huge Open Senior class on Saturday. Great start to the new show year. Maui is 8 and still acts like a two year old in the show ring! Love my silly old girl!!
We spent some time browsing the venders, picked up some stuff we needed, dropped off two of the stacking boxes with their new owners, and in general had a great time. I hate missing out on this show, but of well. Pointer entries in this area are horrible, so we are saving our pennies for a bit.

Goings on at Grandiose

Busy is an understatement. After all the Pointador puppies left, and one of the Mommas, Ruby stayed behind which put us back up at 6 dogs. Ruby is getting her heartworm treatments and learning about being a housedog. She is still available for adoption thru Pointer Rescue (Pointer Rescue Org.)
We’ve been working on a lot of things with the dogs that are here. I’ve been slowly introducing Louie and Juno to the clicker. Louie is figuring it out very quickly, and Juno is a little more stubborn! LOL. It is my goal to enter them in at least rally at Nationals. We shall see how that works out! I’m hoping to be able to enter Louie in a local rally trial beforehand to work on proofing him before heading out to Nationals in May. Maui has just been hanging out being a spoiled old girl. She will go to Nationals with us as well. Lorne is growing up, and just enjoying being a princess. She has yet to come into season, and so is seriously lacking in physical maturity. Fingers crossed she comes in soon. Pyro has really just been hanging out since he came home. He likes just being a dog, and we like just letting him be a dog.
That’s pretty much where we are right now…stay tuned, things move fast around here!!