Don’t Know Why I Bother With Some People.

Our last Pointer litter was born in 2015. They will be the last Pointers born at Grandiose and when our last one passes on, so ends Grandiose Pointers.

Shortly after that litter was born, we tragically lost the sire to that litter who was one of the sweetest Pointers I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting in my life. Due to life complications, living in Alaska with only one local vet who is skilled at OFA xrays, and his unfortunately loss, we were unable to complete his official OFA hip testing. Apparently, for one puppy owner, this makes me a horrible, disreputable liar who is the worst person they have ever come across in their life. I’ve found “reviews” slandering my kennel name across multiple random review websites in all corners of the internet. They all say the same thing, that he bought a puppy, was told health testing would be done, it wasn’t done. That I stopped responding to his emails, and I apparently tried to sneak things into the contact (my very generic, boiler plate contract that literally says you will take care of the dog, report any health issues to the breeder, neuter by 12 months, co-own until neuter, and if anything ever happens and you cant keep the dog its returned to the breeder.) Not sure what I was sneaking in there, considering I still have the long email chain in which this buyer asked to increase the neuter age to 18 months (done) and remove the co-ownership clause until neutered (also done – although in an oversight – because hello, I was raising a litter of puppies! – I apparently forgot to remove it in one version and corrected it when he asked about it.) Maybe that’s what I was “sneaking in”. Heaven forbid your breeder is listed as an owner on your AKC registration for your neutered companion Pointer. OH THE HORRORS!!

This same buyer would send me novels about how horrible I was at raising puppies and how he couldn’t believe he bought such a horrible puppy because it did things like dig holes in the yard while he was at work and had the audacity to bring earthworms into his home to roll on and OMG THE GERMS that his children were potentially exposed to because of the feral puppy I sold him. Oh. And destroyed a screen door. Any help I tried to offer was treated with disdain. I was told I was being defensive when trying to assist. And after about the hundredth email about how horrible this puppy with typical unsupervised, low guidance puppy behaviors was, I probably was defensive. Training suggestions, crating suggestions, MENTAL exercise suggestions were met with “I know how to raise a dog.” Took me awhile to figure out this “doctor” just wanted a status symbol dog to lay around and look pretty and be part of the décor for his million dollar house. Man this has been a trip down bad memory lane…The last message I received from him (when I apparently “stopped replying”) was around the time Locke died. Locke’s death was posted publicly, and I haven’t heard from this buyer since then. 2 years later, the “reviews” stating Grandiose Pointers is a SCAM started popping up.

Here’s the thing guys. Should I have done Locke’s hips sooner. Yep. Is HD an issue in Pointers? Nope. And most breeders don’t even bother with hip testing in the breed. BUT. If a hip score is important to you on the level that you will feel cheated and scammed if one is eventually not provided to you, then DO NOT BUY A PUPPY FROM A LITTER WITH ONE OR BOTH PARENTS UNTESTED. It’s really just that simple. You were not scammed. You knew the sire was untested when you purchased the puppy.

For reference, Puzzle (the litters dam) has OFA Excellent hips. Only ONE of the 4 grandparents of this litter had hip scores. And two of the 8 great grandparents had hip scores. That’s a pretty crappy vertical hip pedigree, honestly. But just evidence that Pointer breeders have never prioritized OFA hip scores. Hip Dysplasia, in any breed, is not black and white. We could breed only Excellent to Excellent and get Dysplastic offspring. Health testing results and how they are a piece of the puzzle in responsible breeding and not a black and white checklist is a post for another day, however.

Wrapping up our year…

I am always dreadfully behind in blog posts and sometimes dont know why I bother trying to keep up with them (seriously – follow our facebook page, that is far more current than the blog!)


But here goes….

Gizmo finished her PT in September, and earned her first AKC Started leg as well. Her natural talent with stock never ceases to amaze me. We have big plans for her, so long as life continues going in the right direction, which includes puppies in the Spring. We completed her health testing in October with her OFA Hip evaluations and are very pleased to report she received an OFA Excellent hip rating. She has beautiful hips. We chose the sire for her first litter while we were at Nationals this year, and are VERY excited for our Spring 2017 litter ….being patient and waiting for mother nature is hard! lol

Gable added more lure coursing legs in his quest for his CAA lure coursing title in September. He will hopefully be able to earn the remaining 5 needed legs next summer. He has been out as a Special on a limited basis this year, and at our final show of the year was awarded a Herding Group 2. Quite proud of my handsome brindle boy, he has been a dog of so many firsts for me, and I’m sure will continue to be as we venture into more performance events together.

The babies are all growing up well. Aine and Sparrow continue to grow into their own awesome little selves, and I’m excited for their futures.

Tipsy was awarded her first major this past weekend at our last shows of the year. She is starting to come into her own and mature.

2017 is looking like it will be an interesting year of dog events….we are excited to see what it has in store for us.

What a year its been…

I’ve been so remiss in updating the blog in any fashion. Although I have been keeping up pretty well with the website itself. Its just so much easier to post directly to our facebook page and I feel that reaches more people anyway. (If you arent following us there, you can find it at

So a lot has happened since our last update –

Gizmo finished her RATN title in Barn Hunt and has a leg toward her RATO. She picked up a major towards her AKC Championship as well (the only one that has been available locally so far this year….hopefully we can find one more so she can finish her Championship) She also completed her HT title in herding, and has a leg towards her PT. We are also working on needed skills for Started (trial level herding – which I still feel is too far above my personal skill level but we are going to jump in head first in a few weeks if she finishes her PT at the trial so wish us luck!). and earned an ASCA Started Sheep leg as well. She passed her eye clearances in May at the National, and two weeks ago passed her BAER hearing test with normal hearing. We will do her hips and elbows in October when she turns two, and then she has a date in the Spring with a handsome young man we have picked out for her. In the mean time, her schedule is pretty busy with training and trials and the occasional dog show, along with teaching the new babies the ropes around here…

Gable started barn hunt this year as well. He easily earned his RATI, and tried one run for a RATN leg but couldnt quite pinpoint where the rat was exactly (but he tried so hard! Hes learning quickly…) so we will keep trying him. He LOVES hunting rats, but I havent taken him to as many classes as I wish I could have. He will trial this fall anyway, just because I know he loves it so much! He finished his Grand Championship quickly this year, finishing it with BOB wins under Cardigan breeder judges. He is being shown just for fun at this point with the idea that eventually he will finish the requirements for his Bronze Grand Champion title. He also won the Herding Titled Dog class at the National and made it down to the final cut in BOB (when they handed out the ribbons). Gable went to one herding class for a refresher since last Septembers trial, and then he went to the July trial hoping to complete the one leg he needed for his PT title – and he did wonderfully! He completed his leg for his PT, and is now retired from herding for the time being. I’m not sure I will ever work him in the trial level, will just have to see what the future holds. And we also decided, since he was done with herding and could now learn to chase things with no consequences, that lure coursing might be fun. So we took him out to a local lure coursing trial and ran him for his CAT test, and he passed three times and earned his CA title. I’m thinking our next adventure will be Rally and Obedience.

This year has been mostly about Gable and Gizmo….but the other dogs have done great things as well.

Rumple finally went to a show. He had fun even if it was overwhelming for him. He was WD/Best Bred By. He showed fabulously in the Bred By group later in the day. He has been very dramatic and unwilling to learn to walk on a lead without being dramatic about it, so I havent really taken him anywhere and thats been my mistake. His mission for the rest of the year is just to get out. And he will keep being shown, because why not. He really is a handsome kid.

Tipsy started showing this summer as well after Gizmo singled out and there were no majors available. She has picked up one point, and has been slowly figuring out the show dog thing.

We lost Locke to complications from a partial blockage that was discovered too late. Still trying to come to terms with his loss.

Flutter gave us 8 beautiful puppies in March. Violet, who we co-owned with Jeri of Allegro in Denver, gave us 6 wonderful puppies in April. Those 14 babies occupied most of our Springtime and are now all in wonderful homes of their own. We kept one from each litter back, and are excited to see what Sparrow and Aine will do in the future.

We are just a little over halfway through this year and there is a lot still to do…the opportunities are exciting!

A Ratting We Shall Go….

We started Barn Hunt this year. Its silly, its fun, its addicting. Your dog hunts through bales of straw to find rats hidden in tubes. The Cardis LOVE IT.

Gizmo has been the first to explore it with us. Shes been to a handful of classes since January, and went to her first trial recently. She passed her Instinct test to earn her RATI title, and earned two legs of her Novice title, as well as a High In Trial – Novice!! One more leg and she will complete her RATN title. I think we are thoroughly addicted 😉






We instinct tested Gable a few weeks ago and he will start going to classes with us as well here in the next few weeks….If you can, find a local group and do some instinct tests, it really is a FUN sport!!

The eyes have it….

….Or at least are tested clear of any defects or abnormalities 😉

We took Gable in for his OFA eye exam two weeks ago and, as expected, he passed with flying colors.

We also sent off for his PRA test to be done officially. While we know he is line clear, having it officially recorded can be important to some breeders and puppy owners as well.

His OFA results can be found here:


Gable River Shoot (2)

One point at a time…

We will get there.

At the beginning of the month, we went to our local shows. This one is odd, since there is a Herding Group Specialty on Friday, and an all breed on Sunday. So we went sheep herding on Saturday. But I digress….

I had Gable and Gizmo entered, Gizmo is looking for points to finish her Championship, and Gable is coming out for 2016 to finish his Grand Championship.

No points available in the classes on Friday. Gizmo was WB/BOS, but earned no points. Gable was BOB, and earned 2 Grand Champion points.

Sunday, there was a single point available in class dogs, and Gizmo was WB/BOW/BOS to pick up a point by crossing over. Gable was again BOB, and earned a Grand Champion major (his second of three required for the GCh title)

62911822-20151108-_D704235 (2)

^^Gable showing in the group on Sunday

No more shows for us until January, sadly.

Dog (show) tip of the week…

I always hate cords. They are obnoxious and always tangled and in the way and catching on things or caught in lids you are trying to close.

I was pretty happy with how things changed when I added these to my equipment…


Cable Cuffs. They have all sorts of these things in varying sizes and they have velcro style cord holders, pretty much anything you can imagine. They are inexpensive and can be found at any hardware or department store in one form or another.

I like these in particular because they are brightly colored and hard, so they are less likely to get lost or chewed/eaten by a dog.

I really like these because they keep my cords out of the way. I’m no longer closing cords in lids, they arent wrapped up around things, tied in knots, or hanging out everywhere. It makes packing up the dog equipment a breeze, and everything is that much tidier.

Dog Tip of the Week…

Lets see how long I can keep this up 😉 Lots of little ideas and tidbits and gadgets that make life with dogs (or dog showing! or dog events) just a little easier. Going to try to share them here weekly until I run out of ideas.

This week, I shared something on facebook and figured I would share it here as well so more people can benefit from it.

Coconut oil.

There are a ton of benefits to adding coconut oil to not only your own diet, but the dogs diet as well. Its just a PAIN to use! Its often in a solid state in the jar – how do you measure it? Much less feed it to the dogs?

Mini silicone ice cube trays to the rescue!

silicone ice cube trays

These come in all sorts of shapes from balls to hearts to stars and all sorts of things. You want the mini ones, and ideally, the type that are individually compartmentalized such as the heart ones shown above. Also, you want the MINI silicone ice cube trays. I suppose standard size would work, but will take longer and you will have a much larger chunk of oil instead of the tiny cubes. You can get them in many places – we got ours from amazon.


So the idea is that you take your coconut oil and melt it over low heat. I’m impatient, so as it melts, I spoon it into the silicone molds and use a rubber spatula to make sure everything is level and filled (as a side note, I place these on a cookie sheet that has been covered in paper towels because I didnt want to have to worry about overflow or making a mess. The cookie sheet allows for level solidifying and is easy to take in and out of the fridge) Once they are full, place them in the fridge. I didnt time them, just left them there for awhile until I was ready to mess with them again, which was after we watched a movie, so about two hours later.

Pop them out. Put them in a baggie.

coconut oil

I keep some in the fridge in the house for our use in cooking and other randomness. I keep most of them in the dogs freezer, and pull them out and toss them in their food.

coconut oil in kibble

Arent they cute? These are the perfect size, according to our dogs, for treats as well as to be enjoyed as part of their meal.

Hope this may help those of you looking for a more manageable way to incorporate coconut oil into your dogs diet. Its sure helped us!

Testing Instinct

Flutter and Tipsy got to go out to our local herding facility and be instinct tested. They both had a great time! Flutter will begin classes over the winter, and Tipsy will go to class randomly as she grows (shes still a bit young to go to class all the time)

Flutter Herding Instinct Test (7) Tipsy Herding Instinct Test (8) Tipsy Herding Instinct Test (4) Flutter Herding Instinct Test (6) Flutter Herding Instinct Test (1)