Sunshine Litter, Week 1…

The babies are a week old now and growing fast! Before we know it they will be up on their feet and being undeniably adorable!

Again, we will have a few of these puppies available to companion or show homes…if you are interested, please contact us via the form on the puppies page or via email (

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Welcome, Sunshine Litter!

we welcomed our “Sunshine” litter of Pointer puppies on July 20th, 2015. Eight puppies, 4 boys, 4 girls. We will have puppies available from this litter.

It’s been seven years since our last homebred pointer litter at Grandiose – long awaited! Can’t wait to watch these kids grow up.

If you are interested in a puppy, please contact us for more information.


Wicked Updates….

Our Wicked litter is growing up quickly it seems.

Miss KJ (Yellow collar puppy – officially known as “Grandiose NABs A Wicked Stacked Deck”) is off on her grand adventures doing obedience and has even won Best Baby Puppy in Show at a UKC show a few months ago. So proud of her and look forward to hearing more awesome things from her in the future.

Miss Gizmo, who stayed here (was the pink collar puppy – officially known as “Grandiose Only Wicked After Midnight”) has been herding all summer and even found time to visit a few shows. She has 4 points towards her AKC championship as of this point, as well as a Puppy Group 4 and a Bred By Exhibitor Group 4. We are planning to enter her in the herding trials in the fall to try for her HT.

Growing up Cardi…

In late May, Gable turned two. Hes still growing up, and not quite mature enough to be a competitive special quite yet, so I decided to let him sit this year out of the show ring, and play other games with him instead. We started herding with him in May. He is entered in his first herding test on July 4th weekend. We are working towards his HT (Herding Tested) title presently. Fingers crossed 🙂 Herding has been a lot of fun, great way to fill the time between shows and it really is great to see the Cardis doing what they were originally bred to do, and seeing how far they have advanced in just a few weeks of classes.

Gable herding (2) Gable herding IMG_8739

And while we know he can work sheep….hes also still my Handsome ….

Gable HP Shoot (6) Gable HP Shoot (10) Gable HP Shoot (17) 2

Herding We Will Go….

This spring has been an adventure – we starting taking herding classes with Gable and Gizmo. Gable herds sheep, while Gizmo much prefers the ducks!

11162078_875014249231743_1163377445392359852_n 11201163_877040415695793_3747522966275584279_n Gable herding

Our goal is for both of them to earn their Herding Tested titles this summer/fall….trying not to aspire any higher than that for the moment – herding is a workout both mentally and physically!

Float Like A Butterfly…

If there is one thing Flutter has taught me since she came home with me from Nationals almost a year ago, is that she wants to do things her way, in her own time…

Going into our local March shows, Flutter needed 3 single points to finish her Championship.

On Saturday, under judge Robert Vandiver, she did just that, plus some. She went BOW for a 4 point major (her third major) to finish her Championship.

Flutter New Champion (2)

On Sunday, we moved her up for her debut as a Special – and she decided to do one better by winning the Breed (and a 5 point Grand Championship major with Champions defeated) under judge Margaret Jones. Although, she wasnt done there. She went on to place third in the herding group later that afternoon.

Flutter AKKC Group 3

Candid photos from the weekend:

AKKC Group Flutter AKKC Group TVKC Cardigans Flutter (4) TVKC Cardigans Flutter (5)