Show Updates and Photos….

I’ve been bad about updating the blog lately….seems things always hit Facebook much more quickly, and I come here when I have time (whats that??) to sit down and post something in a little more “formal” manner…
We’ve done 3 shows over the past couple of weekends spanning June….the first weekend was the Flatirons shows in Longmont….I took a clients Cardigan and baby Puzzle….Nash (the Cardigan) was BOB both days for single points towards his Grand Championship. Puzzle had a ton of fun, but there were no points available, so that was really just our goal. She was WB/BOS both days and had fun playing in the grass in the show rings. LOL.

The following weekend was the local Colorado Springs shows. I had a different clients Cardigan Special and class bitch (Chase & Nola) and baby Puzzle. Puzzle was shown in the fun match on Friday night, and the judge awarded her the puppy Sporting group 1st. Nola was shown in the match as well and was awarded a Herding group 3rd. They were good girls ๐Ÿ™‚ At the actual show the following day, Nola was WB/BOS for another single point towards her Championship, and Chase was SD (no points since there was no class competition to boost the counts in boys). Puzzle was WB/BOS (again, no points available in Pointers…) ย  On Sunday, I woke up not feeling well at all, so we missed Pointers….but made it to the show for Cardigans…Nola was again WB/BOS for another point, and this time Chase was BOB for the points he needed to finish his Grand Championship. He showed amazingly in the group, but got no love.


We had two weekends off, and then left this past Wednesday to head out to Oklahoma City for the Supported entry shows in Pointers and Cardigans. Nash came along for the ride hoping for the last three points he needed for his Grand, and we brought Puzzle and Camille along for the Pointer side of things. We had a blast. Puzzle was 3rd/3 in her 6-9 puppy class on Thursday, and Nash was SD for 2 points towards his Grand. Friday Puzzle was 1st/3 in her class, and RWB to the major. Nash was BOS to finish his Grand Championship. Saturday was supported entry day, and Puzzle was 1st/3 in her 6-9 month sweepstakes class, 1st in her regular puppy class, and went on to WB/BOW/Best Puppy, which earned her a 4 point major from the boys. Later on in the afternoon, she earned a Sporting Puppy Group 3rd under a Pointer breeder judge. Nash was Select Dog for GCh points towards his Bronze (should they decide to pursue that level…) Saturday night was the Pointer club match.ย The American Pointer Club is having their 75th Anniversary at the National next year, and so are sponsoring a “Progressive Puppy Match” series around the Nation right now. The first one was held at the OKC shows. The Overall Puppy Winner and the Best Opp puppy get to compete at a special event that will be held at the National next year.
Camille came along for the experience and to have fun at the match. She won the 3-6 month class over two of her litter sisters and another puppy, and went on to win Best of Opposite Sex Puppy in Match.
Puzzle won her 6-9 month class at the match as well. Sunday was probably the most stressful day, simply because as soon as we were done showing, we were hitting the road home…..packing up is always stressful for me when I know I need to do it quickly….Pointers were up first, and Puzzle, despite being completely freaked out by a dog barking loudly in a room that adjoined the show hall, managed to pull off 1st in her class, WB/BOW, picking up the major off the boys again (3 points). ย Nash showed well, but wasnt the judges type, and got the gate. In a ring that was 9+ Specials deep every day, I was proud of him for being in the ribbons 3 out of 4 days….

Quick phone pic over the Photogs shoulder of Puzzles 4 point major win at the Supported entry under Bradley Jenkins.

Nash Strutting his stuff in the breed ring…

And shots from the Pointer ring on Saturday…

The gorgeous lineup for Best In Sweeps…

And we made it home safely and the fire in CO Springs is 75% contained and the dogs are happily playing…..and I still have a van to unload….

Puzzle, 7 months

Our baby Puzzle is 7 months old now…..and still such a cute little baby.


We are off to the Oklahoma City Cluster next week ….its a supported entry in Pointers (and Cardigans, although I didnt enter any of my own Cardis, I am taking a clients Cardi out and will hopefully pick up the last 3 points he needs for his Grand Championship)

We will keep our fingers crossed – its the first show Puzzle is entered in that has points available, and its majors, so we hope the judges like the Puzzle puppy and maybe we can knock a major or two out of the way. If not, at least we will have fun ๐Ÿ™‚



Little baby Camille is 11 weeks old now, and is as cute and happy and silly as ever. Dont be fooled by her feminine appearance, this girl is all tomboy!! Its funny how the whitest dog in the house is routinely the dirtiest! Not a day goes by that she does not come in from playing outside caked in dirt!!

But she is beautiful, and we love her, and are very excited for her future!!


Had fun yesterday doing photos…here is some of what we ended up with…

(14 months, ungroomed)




I’ve had the following pictures in mind for a bit…and we finally got them, sort of ๐Ÿ˜‰ Will probably go back at some point and do some more, see if we cant get that “perfect” shot on the tank…



And On The Subject of Beauty…

I love nothing more than a dog that ages gracefully. And Maui fits that definition to a “T”…most people would never dream that she is a veteran by looking at her, much less that she is just a few months shy of 10!! (say it aint so!!)

Its hard to watch the dogs get old….its harder when they dont really *look* old and you have to remind yourself that they are slowing down and getting older…





I dont think I’ve posted new Juno photos in a bit, and she went out to the lake with us when we did photos of Puzzle, so she got a photo shoot as well.


Juno loves stalking and pointing the birds. I’ve let her down by not getting her in the field (have I ever mentioned that I am a huge fan of more hours in the day and more money in the bank?!?!?) because she really needs to be out working the field looking for birds all day!! Lately, however, she has just been relaxing on the couch and being the master destroyer of all toys. She is a silly one.

Imageย ย 

She loved the geese that were on the lake. If I would have let her off the lead, she would have gladly jumped in and gone swimming with them!


And I think we are finally starting to mature a bit and not be such a crazy puppy when moving on the lead ๐Ÿ˜‰

Pointer Puppy Playtime…

When I was doing the photo shoot in the backyard the other day when Camille got here and I was taking her picture, we had Puzzle out running around with us as well. These two puppies LOVE to play, and Camille fits in well around here, obviously…. I got a few decent shots of the two of them enjoying their Pointer Puppy Playtime. I really need to get the camera out more often and take photos of the dogs just being dogs around the house…feels like I’ve had no time lately!!




Puzzle 6 months

We did Puzzles 6 month old photo shoot a few weeks ago, but I have been so busy I have never gotten around to posting the photos on here!!

Shes growing up so pretty and feminine.

And she is finally learning how to use those long legs of hers!



And she LOVES the birds….chickens, ducks, tweety birds…she loves them all. She will stalk and point them all day long if we let her….maybe we will have to find a way to get her on *proper* birds later this year.






Isnt she just too cute??

I thought you would agree ๐Ÿ˜‰

I drove to Tulsa, OK on Friday to pick her up…got there, picked her up, dropped off some stacking boxes, and then turned around and headed home. We stopped and slept for a few hours, and got home mid-day Saturday. LONG trip. But very much worth it!!


I mean, how can you just not kiss all over that face??

(oh, and she fits between the slats on the gate…for now…)


Camille will be formally known as Edgehill’s Hot Topic.

She is out of the incomparable Gracie (Ch Edgehill’s Coming Out Strong) and sired by the up and coming young special NBISS GCh Seasyde Edgehill Heart of Gold (otherwise known to his friends as Gibson). Gibson, as Pointer lovers probably already know, won the APC National last month in California. He is also a multiple Group Winner, and the breeds youngest Grand Champion to date. He is presently ranked #2 in the breed, and is owner handled. Not bad for a dog who is not even two, huh?

We are BEYOND thrilled to have such a beautiful baby strutting around the house. More pics, including stacked ones, to come…shes only been here a few days and very much still adjusting to life here in Colorado. She has already taken over and told everyone that there is a new Princess in the house, and she expects to be treated as royalty!



Royalty, I tell ya!!




What a crazy few weeks it’s been…

Puzzle broke a toe playing in the yard right before I left for Nationals…
Juno got a hematoma in her ear the week before I left for Nationals…
We picked up kennel cough while at Nationals and it’s been working it’s way through the young dogs. I look at KC like the chicken pox – once they’ve had it, they generally don’t get it again. The only dogs that got sick this time were the ones who weren’t here two years ago when we had KC going through the house (the puppies – Dom and Puzzle – and the two visitor puppies)
To top it all off, Juno came in season the day I got home from Nationals, so the boys have been making life pretty miserable the past week!

So, last Friday, I took two dogs (Dom and Juno) and drove to Albuquerque for 4 days of shows. I had no dogs entered myself since Domi is out maturing, and Puzzle was broke when entries closed (fine now, of course!!)
I picked up Rango Friday night, and met Penni who has Chase and Nola at the show on Saturday morning.
To keep this from becoming a novel – here are the short version results:

Sat: Rango RWD; Nola 1st in AmBred; Chase BOB (5 PT GCh major)

Sun: Rango 1st in 9-12; Nola 1st in AmBred; Chase SD (1 PT)

Mon: Rango WD/BOW/BP (4 PT major); Nola 1st in AmBred; Chase BOB (5 PT GCh major)

Tues: Chase SD (1 PT)
Rango had a bad day on Tuesday. Decided he was done playing show dog for the weekend. Sometimes 4 days is just too much for the babies.

Penni and I decided to skip the Durango shows since it was only a single point and just Nola entered, wasn’t worth the time or money for either of us.

Next show is Flatirons in Longmont…will be Puzzles first show, and Pointers show outdoors so should be an interesting experience for her!! No points, but good practice regardless.