Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

I’m gonna keep a LONG week (and story!) short….it was a FANTASTIC national. I had a great time, met a lot of great people, got to see people I rarely get to see. Had a fantastic time with friends, saw some great and not-so-great Cardigans. And hey, we even came home with (pieces of) a Ribbon and a beautiful pottery bowl!

Domino was his usual rock star self. I love my blue puppy beyond words. When the maturity fairy visits, we will have a LOT of fun! He placed third in his regular class….here is the unofficial win pic:

Nothing like a gorgeous blue boy (and yes, I am highly biased – but I’ve been told the same thing by a number of unbiased people, so I really do believe its true beyond my own eyes….) that can MOVE like the wind as well (and correctly to boot!)

There were some wonderful candid photographers ringside, and I’ve been hunting down candids, since my camera never left its bag the whole week! LOL.

As I receive them…I hope to be able to post some of them here 🙂

Poor Lorne…

Seems that every time we decide to do photos, Lorne is either a muddy mess (dont let her sweet face fool you, she is a tomboy who loves to roll in the dirt!!) or is in season and we have boys to photograph and need their focus. So, since she is *just* coming out of season, we decided to bring her along and see what we can get out of her.

Mainly, I wanted new stacked photos to compare with photos from previous years to see how she is maturing …I think we accomplished at least that much. Some of her best “candid” shots were not in focus (grrrrrrr) but thats ok….another day. Maybe.

Puzzle Is Growing Up…

Our little girl is growing up and is 4 months old now…since today was a GORGEOUS day…what better to do than go out and find a new spot to take photos??






We had tried to do photos earlier in the week, but the rate the wind was picking up and the temperature was dropping, we really didnt get much…



A New Site….

After a lot of time messing around with trying to get the DSE (Dog Show Equipment) page on this site set up so it could accept payments online and it wouldnt be such a mess trying to get orders processed without sending multuple emails back and forth, we went ahead and just got DSE its own site and a different host.

…will be the new home of DSE. From there, you can find out all about our products, our new products, and the best part? You will be able to order directly from the site. Wonderful 🙂

The site is not yet live, but will be in the next 24 hours – so start pointing your browsers in that direction, and thank you all for your support and interest 🙂

A Good Day…

Good days at the dog show are subjective – sometimes a good day is just having fun with friends or not falling on your face going around the ring. Some days its finishing a dog, winning a major, or placing in the group. And some days, its walking away with the whole kit n kaboodle.

We went to the UKC show on Friday with Puzzle and Maui (I wish I could have gone for the whole weekend, but had other obligations…)

Maui turned in her usual “absolutely love to show more than anything else in the world” performance, and managed to charm the judges into giving her both Best Veteran in Show as well as AL Best in Show, making her a 5 time BIS winner in UKC. Love my old girl, and love that she has aged like a very fine wine as well and is still able to hold her own with the much younger dogs even at 9 years old +…

Little baby Puzzle had a blast at the show (the world revolves around her, after all) and decided that the show dog thing was not so hard after all, and walked away with Best Novice Puppy in Show…the Judge handed her the ribbon, and she carried it out the ring and all the way to Brian who was sitting ringside with Maui. Such a cute little baby she is 🙂

Friday was, for sure, a good day at the dog show…

New Page, New Info…

I added a new page to the website today, specifically to list available puppies, older puppies, and adult dogs that other breeders (of Pointers or Cardigans) may have available that are looking for families of their own.

Breeders: If you have dogs or puppies you would like listed on this page, please send me an email or message and we can discuss the particulars. No money, dont worry, just what info I need to successfully post your dog/puppies.

Potential Puppy-Buyers: If you are looking for a dog or puppy (Pointer or Cardigan, obviously) feel free to check the “Puppies and Adults Available” page out! You just may find your new best friend 🙂