We took the silly little baby out yesterday to get some photos of her. Figured we may as well post some of them here πŸ˜‰

This is our little black and white Pointer baby that has joined our family from Finishline Pointers. She is sired by Torque (Ch Edgehill Thankful for the Finishline) out of Juliet (Solivia Seychelles). We are all quite excited for this little babies future.

Puzzle at 3 months…



Denver Wrap-Up…

We survived another year at the Denver shows….And we had a pretty good time doing it!

We took 3 Corgis, plus I had a Special to show all 4 days as well.

Rango was our 6-9 puppy boy, and out of the 4 days, he walked away with 2 Reserve Winners Dog awards, and 1 Winners Dog award (for his first point) Rango is an adorable little guy, and we hope he continues to have a bright future ahead of him!

Domino was our 9-12 puppy boy, and only showed 3 of the 4 days. We pulled his entry on Sunday as I had no one to help me get the boys in the ring, and its easier to pull my own entry than someone elses πŸ˜‰ Of the 3 days Domino showed, he went Winners Dog twice (for a point each time) and Reserve Winners Dog to Rango on the only day Domi didnt go WD.

Nola was our only girl this weekend, and she tried her best to pull off some points, but the judges just werent having it. We won her class 3 of the 4 days, and went Reserve once.

We got to show Nash as our Special on Friday, but walked out of a very nice ring full of Specials with no ribbons 😦 We took Lizzie (Nash’s Mom) in as our Special over the next 3 days, and went Select Bitch twice with her. Was a very nice ring to be in, and BOB all 4 days was Libbie, the #1 Cardigan in the Country.

On the Pointer front….I didnt enter anyone. We entered Maui in the Veterans competition that they held on Monday, and she had a blast being in the show ring again and walked away with a Sporting Veteran Group Third in a large Veteran Sporting Group!! Always proud of our pretty old lady πŸ™‚

We helped out some other people, met a lot of people in person that we have only gotten to meet online in the past, and had a great weekend!!

Just Another Piece of the Puzzle….

Huh? What does that mean?

I’ve been half-heartedly looking for a new Pointer girl. Figured I would never find her, never convince a breeder to part with her if I did…and then one day sitting at shows in Texas, a message to a breeder about how many puppies they were keeping from a litter, turned into our new little girl getting on a plane and flying to Colorado.

We are very excited about our new little girls future – she spent her first few days with us taking in the sights at the Denver show, was quite the attraction, and had a blast. She thinks the world belongs to her, that EVERYONE needs to pet her, and all the commotion during Group judging is the most awesome thing ever! Shes a happy, bouncy, outgoing little girl, and we just love her. Now to grow her up a bit πŸ˜‰

So, our new addition at Grandiose is “Puzzle”, to be formally known as Finishline Wandering Spirit.

We will post photos later when we have more time to take some!!

Gearing Up For Denver….

We are a little less than a month away now from the Rocky Mountain cluster in Denver,CO.
It’s the first big show in the region…the first one of the year for many…
We are working on getting stacking boxes put together to deliver to the show. If you are interested in picking up a stacking box from us in Denver to not have to pay shipping costs, please send us a message soon so we can be sure to have enough of the requested sizes and colors available.
We offer 5 color choices – Red, Blue, Purple, Orange, and Green. Our basic sizes are 24″ and 36″…we are working on putting together a 30″ box as well as a 42 to 48″ box for the big big dogs, and as always, will post more info on that when we get it going…

Also, if you want crate covers, crate tags, cooling coats, or anything else made and brought to you at Denver, feel free to send us a message about it!!

Our email is showdogequipment@gmail.com …we look forward to helping your dog look it’s best!!

PS: I’m coming home from the Puyallup/Portland circuit with a fantastic new idea that we are looking forward to making work out and sharing with everyone!!

Happy New Year…

As we work through the final hours of 2011, we would like to wish everyone out there a Happy New Year!!

We hope 2012 is kind, prosperous, and filled with nothing but good news and great wins for all our friends and acquaintances.

– Jessica, Brian, Maui, Louie, Lorne, Juno, Domino, and Pyro.

End of the Year…

Wow…its almost 2012 already!

Lot of changes around here, some good, some awesome, some cruddy…

I updated a lot of the pages today, added a new photo here or there. Updated some stuff with the Dog Show Equipment pages mostly (the biggest piece was WE CAN NOW SHIP OUR STACKING BOXES!! WOOHOO!!!) so go check those out. Β Added some new photos of some of the dogs that havent made it here yet, although I think for the most part, you have probably already seen them in a blog post.

We added one new face to our crew in 2011, Domino, who has already been introduced to the world πŸ˜‰ He is awesome, and we wonder every day how we lived our lives for so long without a Corgi in them.

Thankfully no one left us this year, but we still think about those that have every day. I tear up when I randomly come across photos of Vanessa or Broker…both of whom were taken from us far too soon.

As always, we have high hopes for what the future may hold for us…it most certainly promises to be a bumpy and exciting ride, as always!

Great Days at the shows….

So, I decided Friday morning when I woke up that I wanted to go to the UKC show at least for the Friday show…so I quickly bathed Maui, grabbed her registration info, loaded up the stuff we needed for the day in the van, and headed off.

We got there, and registered, and talked with friends, and helped a friend show her Dobes, and did our breed judging, and then went in for the altered Gun Dog Group. She was only competing against one other dog, but the judge was blown away that not only was Maui 9 years old, but the condition she was in and how well she could Β move for her age. So Maui won the altered Gun Dog Group. She then turned around and went in for the Veteran group. Again, only competing against one other dog in the group, but she still won that group as well. Same results for the afternoon show. They ran all the BIS classes at the same time, did show ones BIS classes first, and then completed show twos BIS classes. Maui went in for altered BIS for show one first, and the judge awarded her with the altered Best in Show! We were so thrilled! She then went back in the ring for the Veteran Best In Show for show one, and the judge was again blown away by her movement and condition for her age and awarded her with the Veteran Best in Show as well! Had a few minutes break while they judged the regular BIS for the second show, and then Maui followed up her performance by winning both the altered and the veteran BIS awards for the second show. So proud of our gorgeous old girl πŸ™‚

Decided to go back on Saturday to try to finish her altered UKC Championship. No veterans class offered on Saturday, so she was just entered in altered. She repeated her performance, wowing the judges and walking away with 2 more altered Best in Show wins. Again, so over the moon proud of our gorgeous old girl πŸ™‚ She completed her UKC altered Championship, and went 6 for 6 in the Best in Show rings!

We had a ton to do at home on Sunday, so skipped the show today. We had a great day showing our girl for the past two days, Maui has always been a really fun dog to show, since she greatly enjoys being in the show ring. I’m so glad she is aging well and still going strong into her veteran years…

And back to the regularly scheduled program…

I took the last of our summer/fall visitors home yesterday…it’s a very strange feeling to drop the number of dogs in the house, especially when one or more are very active young dogs. It’s weird to see empty crates at dinner time, and to mentally recalculate what you need to feed the crew without having a ton of leftovers!
We miss them already though…I had extra cookies in my hand this morning and it took a bit to figure out why…plus, my “count” keeps coming up 2 dogs short….

Bye Stella and Gravy!! We will miss you, but thank your parents for letting you come visit for the past few months!!!


Sunshine Makes Me Happy….

One thing I have started to really enjoy, especially with Brian home again, is to just sit in the chair in the living room in the mornings with a cup of coffee, and watch the dogs play or whatever it is they decide to do, and enjoy the SILENCE. (Well, silence for the most part, I have some loud players sometimes!!)

One of the things I’ve noticed that most dogs enjoy, but the Pointer girls seem to REALLY enjoy and seek out, is laying in the beams of sunlight that come in the windows or patio doors. Our Maui will even go behind the curtains if we have them closed just to lay in the sun. I know it feels good to just lay in the sun, so I make a point to make sure at least one of the curtains is open for them in the mornings.

Today, all four of the Pointer girls decided that the sunbeam was THE place to be….

From closest to the door to furthest from the door its Maui, Stella, Juno, and Lorne. I found it somewhat funny that they lined themselves up like this…normally its one here, one stretched out there, one curled up over here. They tend to snuggle together a lot, but I have never seen them all lined up.

Fall turns to winter and the sun sets…

We have been busy around here lately getting everything ready for winter, cleaning up after fall, and just getting everything straightened out in multiple instances in our lives.We have two days of snow forecast in the next 7 days…so I think its safe to say that it is officially winter in Colorado!

We decided to skip the Sporting Dog specialty in New Mexico this year, since we only had 1 dog to show, it just didnt seem worth the expense or the hassle of taking the whole crew down to show one dog. We didnt enter anyone in the Pueblo shows due to judges in one breed and just general immaturity in Domino’s case. Since that pretty much wraps up our show year, it pretty much means we are done! Wow. I have my eye set on a UKC show at the end of the year, but I have another month or so before I need to worry about entering that one, so we shall see if we go or not. We are planning on attending the fun matches in Pueblo, but those are just for fun and experience. So crazy to be done for the year. Our next “real” show coming up is the Rocky Mountain Cluster in February – and with the way things are brewing right now, I dont think we will be entering dogs at that show, but will be in attendance for the entire cluster. We have exciting announcements to make in the coming months, but I’m not spilling anything yet!

So, the sun has set on another year of shows. We finished 3 dogs championships this year (two champions and one grand champion) although we only put finishing points on all the dogs, they were pointed by their owners before coming to us. Unfortunately, we werent able to finish our own girls championships, but maybe in another year or so they will mature enough to take back out and work on finding those majors and final points. Proud of how well my dogs have done, and look forward to getting back out with them in the next year and seeing what we can accomplish….

We are working on building a small inventory of stacking boxes as well as crate covers and cooling coats for selling once the show season picks back up again- anyone interested in ordering any of them, please get in touch with me for more information.